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Harrison School 1950-51 Directory

Krause Avenue and Ligonier Street



J. Weston Harding Principal 2316 N. University
Bernice S. Kern Kindergarten 712 Ravine
Elizabeth Parker Kindergarten 710 E. McClure
Gertrude L. Bennett 1st 611 Jackson St.
Bernadine Carroll 1st 408 Maryland Ave.
Jean F. Gebert 1st 551 Peoria Ave.
Ethel Ramsey 1st 811 Rohmann Ave.
Charlotte Cady 2nd Galena Road
Margaret Pegg Hart 2nd 633 Ardmore
Winifred Kearney 2nd 537 Peoria Ave.
Patricia Loring 2nd 208 Ellis
Mariana Trovillion 2nd 216 Gilbert
Helen Flanagan 3rd 110 Sherman Ave.
Mary Dale Magill 3rd 1103 Frye Ave.
Ruth S. Mayer 3rd 411 Greenlawn Ave.
Ruth E. Memier 3rd 529 N. Douglas St.
Helen Seastedt 3rd 421 New York Ave.
Amy Bone 4th 1106 West Wilcox
Dolores Klunk 4th 611 Jackson St., Apr. J
Mary Josephine Owens 4th 804 Bigelow
Iris Stubblefield 4th 203 W. Armstrong
Samuel E. Bevill 5th 206 S. Elmwood
Bertha Mae Glenn 5th 204 Central St., Washington, Ill.
Pearl Garland Marrs 5th 2900 Prospect Road
Herbert Verne Epperly 5th 1619 N. Madison Ave.
Mildred J. Laird 6th 202 Ashland Ave.
Bertha Tingstadt 6th 514 W. Maywood Ave.
Adaline M. Wyatt Librarian 518 Barker Ave.
Mable L. Curry Clerk 1226 First Ave.
Benjamin Barr Custodian 129 Arago St.
Jack Burke Head Custodian 135 Stanley St.
Fred Goelz Custodian 345 Arago St.
James Slater Fireman 3218 S. Adams St.


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From booklet provided by Candi Horton, transcribed by GT staff

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