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Longfellow School 1950-51 Directory

Perry and Mary Street



Willis O. Harms Principal 201 W. Corrington
Liesel Bewsher Kindergarten 1010 E. Republic
Catherine V. Osborne 1st 616 Morton St.
Paulita N. Janssen 1st 611 Pennsylvania
Fannie Jackson 2nd 616 Morton
Betty Stevenson 2nd 926 Hamilton Blvd.
Vivian Evans 3rd Sparland, Illinois
Edith Pinkerton 3rd-4th 616 Morton
Anna Mohn Honness 4th 104 Avon Curve
Audrey Barton 5th 200 Cooper
Adele C. Vachon 6th 415 Frye Ave.
Viola D. Meyer 6th-7th 405 W. Jefferson, Washington, Ill.
Harlan Litchfield 7th Route r
Irene Mullen 8th 2904 Western Ave.
Oneta M. Smock 8th 1142 Knoxville
Charles A. Miller Head Custodian 614 Laveille
Sherdon B. Hamlin Custodian 411 Brotherson



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From booklet provided by Candi Horton, transcribed by GT staff

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