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Peoria High School 1950-51 Directory

North Street and Richmond Avenue



Howard A. Hunter Principal 1218 N. Sheridan Road
Bernard F. Swedell Assistant Principal 208 W. Republic St.
Ada Mae Albright Gen. Math., Algebra 729 E. McClure Ave.
Harry E. Bauder Vocational Machine Shop 221 (?) Frances St.
Anna M. Bibo Clothing, Homemaking 307 Missouri Ave.
Martin M. Bielema Geometry, Boys Counselor 347 Illinois Ave., Morton
Carroll Bockwitz Algebra 325 California Ave.
Irene O. Bunch French, Spanish 126 Randolph Ave.
Edna E. Burdick Citizenship 726 E. Corrington Ave.
George M. Burns Civics, Sociology 122 High St.
Theoline Chamness Orthopedic Room 111 Roanoke Ave.
W. J. Cochran Distributive Occupations 103 Chester Court
Helen V. Conway English, Speech Therapy 311 Loucks Ave.
Georgia C. Coppock Latin 1331 Hamilton Blvd.
Leon Dailey Boys Physical Education 122 S. Eleanor Place
Edna Deppe Art 1019 N. Perry Ave.
Loretta Dyslin Accompanist 201 N. Elmwood
Elizabeth R. Fieselman Foods, Homemaking 2391 (?) Knoxville Ave.
Theodore B. Gluegel Chemistry, Biology 827 Barker Ave.
Florence I. Giles Geometry, Trigonometry 124 Randolph Ave.
Bess D. Hale Head Counselor, Dean of Girls 710 W. Gift Ave.
Dawson Hawkins Boys Physical Education 403 E. Arcadia Ave.
Y. A. Heghin U. S. History, Modern History 707 W. Corrington Ave.
Blanche Howard Cosmetology 421 New York Ave.
Garma Kinhofer Biology 307 Missouri
Ernest R. Koepping Jr. Bus. Train., Economics, Bookkeeping 2001 Knoxville Ave.
G. Raymond Logan Vocational Building Trades 511 E. McClure Ave.
John E. Martin Mechanical Drawing 522 Dechman Ave.
Ruby Vesta Martz Librarian 314 Loucks Ave.
Tressie Masocco Girls Physical Education 115 S. Maplewood Ave.
Frances Matson Sight Conservation 1707 Bigelow St.
James R. McCormick U. S. Hist., World Hist., English 2514 Main St.
Joseph E. Myers English 126 St. James St.
Eleanor K. Pearson Cosmetology 564 Moss Ave.
Florence Poshard Vocal Music 804 N. Perry Ave., Apt. A
Lester Reynolds Vocational Auto Mechanics 710 N. Madison Ave.
Emily E. Rice English 401 Hanssler Place
Lewis Runkle Vocational Auto Mechanics 212 Malone Ave.
Bruce E. Saurs Boys Physical Education 6245 Barker Ave.
William C. Schubring English 722 St. James St.
Ray Schultz Vocational Radio and Electronics 513 W. London Ave.
Elma M. Spickard Speech 920 Knoxville Ave.
Harlan W. Suffield Physics, General Science 200 E. Elmwood Ave.
Lyle K. Suffield Art, Voc. Art, Ceramics 114 High Point Road
Mary Sullivan Office Occupations 1310 Main St.
Glyda Swisher English 113 Ellis St.
J. Elmer Szepessy Orchestra 101 Maple Court
Geraldine Tracy Girls Physical Education 305 Maryland Ave.
John V. Troth Typewriting 209 Monroe Ave., Peoria Heights
John B. Van Deventer Algebra, Geometry, Electricity 1315 N. Perry Ave.
Leverett K. Wallace Auto Driving 882 Moss Ave.
Lucille Waltmire English 1224 S. 4th St., Pekin
Wilbur F. Westhoff Wood Shop 407 Stuebenville [sic] St.
Merida Wilde Spanish, English 310 North St.
H. E. Irene Wilson Homemaking 318 Indiana Ave.
Wesley L. Wolpert Machine Shop 64 Edgebrook Drive
Forrest Woodman Bank Dunlap, Ill., RFD 1
Joseph Yuhause U. S. History, Citizenship 107 Clifton Court
Charlotte M. Ziegler German, Girls Counselor 919 Knoxville Ave.
Inez M. Rhoades Secretary 225 Missouri Ave.
Hazel M. McMillen Record Clerk 600 Fayette St.
Leona D. Parker Attendance Clerk 139 S. Eleanor Place
Lilly E. Ziegler Bookkeeper-Treasurer 919 Knoxville Ave.
Anna Koopman Cafeteria Manager 408 Kansas
Florence Brewer Custodian 913 Ellis St.
Robert Carson Engineer 316 Bigelow St.
Vernon Thomas Flanigan Custodian 2531 N. Monroe St.
Catherine A. Kane Custodian 707 S. Jefferson Ave.
Albin Nordstrom Custodian 139 E. Wilson Ave.
Radi Russeff Head Custodian 104 Pasadena Ave.
Irene S. Slater Custodian 715 Lavielle St.
Mervin E. Stromberg Custodian 1708 Antoinette St.
C. R. Traynor Laundry Custodian 607 Jackson St.
Virgil Woods, Jr. Custodian 300 E. Lake St.
Mary Carlson Head Cataloger 402 Machin Ave.
Clara Heyman Clerk-Catalogue Room 600 Bradley Ave.
Edith M. Johnson Clerk-Catalogue Room 1013 E. Forrest Hill Ave.



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From booklet provided by Candi Horton, transcribed by GT staff

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