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Roosevelt Junior High School 1950-51 Directory

Eckley Avenue and Warren Street



H. H. Baumgardner Principal 406 W. Melbourne
J. Byron Durham Assistant Principal 507 W. Corrington
Elizabeth Allen Arnold Home Living 210 Bradley
George Bartlett Gen. Math, Alg. and 7th Math 402 West London Ave.
Adelle Bayless Vocal Music 7th, 8th and 9th 1006 Pekin Ave., Creve Coeur
Grace A. Burbidge Math and Alg. 711 Hayward
Helena Burke 7th English, Science and S. Science, 8th science 622 Bradley Ave.
Clayton Casteel 8th and 9th Gen. Metal 416 Maryland
Kelso H. Coale 7th, 8th and 9th Shop 103 Fredonia
Gean Dentino 7th, 8th and 9th Girls' Phys. Ed. 801 First Ave.
Patrick W. Farney Social Science 1218 East Richwoods
David Friedlander Special Ed. 2600 Knoxville Ave.
Annabel Shively Fustin 7th, 8th and 9th Vocal Music, Elective Chorus - 9th 109 West Virginia
Alice C. Gustafson Library 216 Moss Ave.
Miriam Hacker 7th and 8th English, 7th Science, 7th and 8th Soc. Science 369 Callender
Fred J. Huber Instrumental Music 914 Starr St.
Mary Elizabeth Hyde 7th, 8th and 9th Art 1231 Hamilton Blvd.
Ann H. Jacks Home Living and Clothing I 801 North Perry Ave.
Ervin W. Jackson Woodworking 1028 Galena Rd.
Donovan E. Jameson 7th, 8th and 9th Mech. Drawing R. R. No. 2, Hamilton Road
Arthur L. Johnson Band 720 East Arcadia
Wayne G. Johnson 7th, 8th and 9th Boys' Phys. Ed. 510 New York
Russell E. Kauffman 7th Math and 9th Soc. Science 801 Knoxville Ave.
Lucia Keevers 7th, 8th and 9th Art 501 North St.
Edith L. Kinsinger Commercial 110 South Elm, Washington, Ill.
Pauline Kiska English and Soc. Studies 124 W. McClure, Bartonville, Ill.
Ralph E. Marty 7th and 9th Gen. Math and Alg. 306 Heading Ave.
A. R. Maston 9th English 107 Noma St.
Marcella Meyer Home Economics 108 Alice Ave.
Mary Ann Miller 8th English, Soc. Science, 9th English, Spanish 105 N. Institute Pl.
Hannah Lucille Morrow 8th General Science Eureka, Illinois
Catherine M. Murray 7th English, Soc. Sci. and Gen. Sci., 9th English 1713 North Perry Ave.
John A. Noppenberger 7th and 9th Soc. Sci. and English 223 Heading Ave.
Wesley Nothdurft English, Science, and Social Studies 112 Armstrong Place
Henry Rauch 7th and 9th Math and Algebra 334 Crescent
Raymond M. Regal Math and Electricity 117 Hampton Ct.
Ella Rosentreter 9th Commercial 520 Malone St.
Rose C. Smith 7th and 9th Math 715 Warren St.
Martha Spath 7th, 8th and 9th Girls' Phys. Ed. 220 North University
Mary Hession Suarez 7th grade English, Soc. Studies and Science 204 Barker Ave.
Della Winters Thede Counselor 401 Archer Ave.
Ralph R. Turn Science and Math 317 Margaret St.
Ruth B. Tutt 9th General Science 2520 Main St.
Nona Vaala English, Soc. Science 228 Peoria Ave.
Anthony Martin VanDyke 7th, 8th and 9th Boys' Phys. Ed. 117 Stever Ave.
Leona Weber Gen. Science 3003 Knoxville Ave.
Edna K. Weers 8th and 9th Soc. Studies and English 256 Peoria Ave.
Garnet N. Wiley 7th and 8th Soc. Studies and English, 7th Gen. Science 605 Bradley Ave.
Annette Wilson 7th and 8th English, Soc. Science, Science and Remedial 305 East Maywood
Susan Esther Wilson 7th, 8th and 9th Vocal Music R.R. 3
Camilla Wood 9th Social Science, 8th Social Science and English 300 Ellis
Anne L. Bertsche Clerk 504 Illinois
Rita J. Moran Secretary 1715 First St.
Dorothy L. Schneider Cafeteria Manager 816 North Underhill
William Allen Gym Custodian 521 Lincoln
Elsie Atterbury Matron 602 Hurlburt St.
Oscar Beam Fireman 304 Kettelle St.
Charles Blundell Engineer 815 Greenlawn Ave.
Rolland Hitch Custodian 130 Livingston St.
Charles N. Keigley Fireman 213 Shelly St.
Raymond McBride Head Custodian 120 Widenham St.
Juanita Martin Matron 105 Spencer, Apt. 68
Mary Plake Matron 919 Smith St.



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From booklet provided by Candi Horton, transcribed by GT staff

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