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Trewyn Junior High School 1950-51 Directory

Folkers and Fremont Streets



Orville W. Connett Principal 2309 Peoria Ave.
Wm. Burdell Smith Ass't Principal 109 Melrose Pl
Eleanor Anderson Fundamentals-8th Grade 115 Ellis
Irene Anderson 7th Fundamental Learnings and Science 101 Berkeley
Louis Bartlett Band 601 Maryland Ave.
Mary C. Blessing 9th Fundamental Learnings 112 Shoff Circle
Muriel L. Brown Accompanist 134 Holland Court, Creve Coeur
N. Annis Clark 7th and 8th Math 910 Moss Ave.
Virginia Connell 9th Gen. Science, 8th Math. 520 Gilbert Ave.
Rosemary Cook Art 324 Crescent Ave.
Lucy L. Crowder Librarian 414 College Ave.
Paul M. Culver Gen. Math 7th and 9th 2800 Gale
John Deal Gen. Math and Algebra 9th 226 Missouri
Ralph Friedman 7th Fund. Learnings. 2600 Knoxville Ave.
Margaret F. Grier 7th and 8th Home Living, 9th Clothing 915 Ellis St.
Carolyn Henrdicks Art 303 Barker
Agnes Elizabeth Herbert 8th Fundamental Learning 301 Bradley Ave.
George Hirshfield 9th Fund. Learning and 7th Math. 403 Dechman Ave.
Imogene Huffman Physical Education (girls) 924 Hamilton Blvd., Apt. 311
Susie E. Jones 8th and 9th Business and Typing 309 E. Virginia Ave.
Helen M. Kellogg 9th Grade Fundamental Learning Box 55, Minier, Illinois
Harold Kirkhus 8th and 9th Fundamentals, Publications Mgr. 1116 E. Melbourne Ave.
Robt. Ed. Luetzow Industrial Arts, 8th and 9th 584 Bigelow
Emma McGuire 7th and 8th Home Living 127 Hillcrest Place
George A. Muegge Physical Education 1211 N. Perry Ave.
John M. Murphy 9th Fundamental Learnings 721 Kansas St.
Helen M. Nance Head Counselor and Coordinator of Instruction 310 Frye Ave.
R. Bernice Phillips 8th Fundamental Learnings 100 High St., Apt. D
Herbert C. Rudman 7th Fund. Learnings 411 W. Reservoir Blvd.
Cecel B. Russell Boys' Physical Education 1755 Bigelow
Helen Suffield Music 127 N. Underhill
E. Paul Vanderwulp 7th and 8th General Shop Box 12, Green Valley, Illinois
Charles K. Voeste 7th and 9th Fund. Learning, 8th Math. 612 Laura
Earl Wipert 9th Gen Sci. and 7th Math. 14 Parkside Lane
Helen S. Bastas Secretary 511 State St.
Marie F. Nickels Cafeteria Manager 1434 Starr St.
Edna Genung Matron 1017 Hayes St.
Betty Haste Custodian 826 Grinnel St., Apt. 755
Fred Kumpf Custodian 807 Greenlawn Ave.
Fred Taylor Custodian 105 Spencer St., Apt. 80
Pearl G. Worms Custodian 704 Malone Ave.
Hudson M. Edwards Custodian 1004 Greenlawn Ave.
Wm. H. Weaver Fireman 1109 Smith St.



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From booklet provided by Candi Horton, transcribed by GT staff

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