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Woodruff High School 1950-51 Directory

Perry Avenue, between Cornhill and Mound Streets



L. R. McDonald Principal 202 Rebecca Place
Harvey L. Tucker Assistant Principal 401 Albany St.
Hazel E. Aitchison Clothing, Family Living 114 North Glenwood
Bertha Berman English, Speech 517 East Virginia
Jeanne Berman English, Journalism 517 East Virginia
Ruth Dixon Black Accompanist 1112 N. Madison
Verna M. Blackburn Mathematics, Algebra 118 St. Anthony Place
Virgil S. Boucher Physical Education, Health, Football 1104 Norwood
Lyman R. Brown Blue Print Reading, Mech. Drawing 1702 California Ave.
Melvin H. Brye Drawing, Mech. Architectural 113 Francis Avenue
Kenneth I. Bucher Typing, Business Training 2711 Bloomington Road
A. R. Buis U. S. History, Civics, Citizenship 1120 West Virginia Avenue
Norma Bullock Typing, Shorthand 308 Margaret
J. Harold Burkholder English, Geography RD No. 6, Peoria
W. G. Carlin Plane and Solid Geometry 1001 Aiken Avenue
C. E. Carter Industrial Arts 1226 Seneca Pl.
Howard E. Collier Ex. Mach. Shop, Adv. Woodwork 707 Rohman Avenue
Thomas Correll Physical Education, Baseball, Baskettball 1234 Linn Street
Florence Courtright Shorthand, Typing, Off. Mach., Sec. Pract. 823 N. Sheridan Rd.
Margaret Dalton English 505 S. Bourland
Dee J. Eichhorn Art 728 West Ayres Ave.
Roger E. Engelbrecht Industrial Arts Prospect Hill Road
H. E. Eveland Mathematics, Audio Visual Aids 808 Windom
Lawrence Fogelberg Band 108 Riverview Ct.
Charley M. Gross Health, Physical Ed., Football, Wrestling 1655 E. Washington, E. Peoria
Roy Gummerson Brookeeping [sic],Economics, Jr. Counsellor 530 Tracy Street
E. F. Harms Mathematics, Sophomore Counsellor 514 East Maywood
Dane H. Harris Speech, Senior Problems 2800 Hauk Road, El Vista, CMR 95
Gladys M. Hedstrom French, English 804 West Forrest Hill
Laura Hedstrom Foods, Home Management 804 West Forrest Hill
Carina Heinzman Clothing 307 Missouri
Andrew R. Hoeflin U. S. History, Adv. Civics 923 Bigelow
Carleton J. Jacobson Printing 315 North Monroe
Rita Jacobson English, Freshman Counsellor 614 Wayne, Apt. 2
George W. Key Science 109 North Elmwood
Katherine Langton English 2310 Peoria Ave.
Alton B. Long Woodwork, Biology 806 Ridge Rd.
Elsie Mae McCluggage Gen. Homemaking, English 118 North Glenwood
A. H. McConnell U. S. History, Adv. Civics 109 Roanoke
Dorothea Martens English 912 Fifth
Mildred Martens Algebra 912 Fifth
Emma G. Macdonald Dean of Girls, Head Counsellor 113 Summit Blvd.
Dorothy R. Marzahn Librarian 404 Evans St.
Earl J. Miller Physics, Science R. R. No. 2, Hamilton Road
Gladys E. Miller Shorthand, Typing, Bus. English 417 Barker Avenue
Helen Miller Bookkeeping, Bus. English 537 West Forrest Hill
Vivian Moehle Health, Physical Education Y. W. C. A.
Edward Moll Biology, English, Student Council 132 West Hines Ave., P. H.
Avice M. Perdew Spanish, English 507 North Street
Winona Whittington Pfander English 1644 North Glen Oak
Dolores Sanders Vocal Music 801 N. Perry
Roland W. Sanders Distributive Educ., Off. Occup., Bus. Tr. 130 Terrace View Lane
M. D. Scheffel Health, Physical Education 1107 Frye Avenue
Glenn Schwartz Art 317 Circle Road
Virgil C. Shepherd Chemistry, Biology 503 Chester Street
Earle C. Skaggs U. S. History, Modern History 413 North Perry
Mary Louise Slaughter Vocal Music 223 College
Edwardine Sperling English, U. S. History 205 North Underhill
J. Elmer Szepessy Orchestra 101 Maple Court
Fred E. Trumpold Electricity 504 Gilbert Street
Florence Warfield Latin 115 Pennsylvania Ave.
Kenneth E. Wegner Citizenship, Civis, Soc. Problems 103 Glen Oak Court
Louise V. White Biology 214 North Elmwood
Ruth E. Brownell Secretary 617 W. Gift Ave.
Genevieve Dean Records Clerk 158 Fredonia Ave.
Barbara Dreher Treasurer 101 Barker Ave.
Maxine Greeness Attendance Clerk 1225 E. Gift Ave.
Fannie Blake Cafeteria Manager 605 Kansas
Harriet M. Berger Custodian 210 West Paris Ave., Peoria Heights
Edwin B. Fall Engineer 812 South Jefferson
L. L. Gunter Fireman 1111 Charlton
Lee Hicks Custodian 219 California
Ben Kirkup Fireman 1205 N. Glendale
Fred Pozony Gardener 201 Lydia
Doris L. Roberts Custodian 328 Monroe Street, Peoria Heights
Joseph A. Schaub Head Custodian 523 Martin Street
Ottillia Ulrich Custodian 518 Butler St.
Garnet Irene West Custodian 1524 N. Madison
William Whalen Custodian 3123 S. Adams



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From booklet provided by Candi Horton, transcribed by GT staff

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