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(from the 1918-1919 Annual Catalog, from the collection of Sid Eslinger)



    The Peoria Musical College, established in 1911, is now entering upon its eighth year.  It is the aim of this school to maintain the highest standards in all branches of study and to provide, at nominal expense, courses of instruction which will be most thorough and comprehensive.

The modern and systematic training employed from the beginning of the Preparatory Courses through the completion of the Post Graduate Courses has brought the College merited recognition as an institution of great worth. Its educational value and high ideals are strongly felt, not alone in Peoria but throughout Illinois and surrounding states.

The members of the faculty are representative of the highest type of musical instruction. They have had the advantage of study with the best European and American masters and are teachers of wide experience. As artists they rank high, and of no little significance is the fact that they are in constant demand as soloists in Peoria and elsewhere.

Of great value to the student is the large number of recitals and concerts given by members of the faculty and by the students. During the past year there were fifty-one programs given at the College, and in these the high standard of the institution was clearly demonstrated.

The steady growth of the College necessitated larger quarters and better facilities for work, and a new building was erected at the close of the third year. The life of the College has been much benefited by the added equipment and the pleasant environment is most helpful to teachers and students. The atmosphere of the place is full of encouragement and inspiration, a valuable incentive to work.

The Peoria Musical College, incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois, is authorized by its charter to issue certificates, grant diplomas and to confer degrees.


Advantages of Location

Peoria, the second city of the state and one well known as a musical center, offers the music student many opportunities essential for thorough musical development.

Each year a number of the country's best orchestras are brought to Peoria by various musical organizations, and there are frequent opportunities of hearing the world-famous artists, an important factor in the life of the music student.

The Peoria Public Library is a veritable treasure-house for the music student and its very excellent music department is accessible to all. In it may be found the scores of all the famous operas, many valuable biographies of composers, and any amount of volumes containing information of interest to the serious music student.

Other advantages in Peoria are the excellent schools, libraries, many beautiful churches and first-class theaters.

The College Building is most conveniently located only two blocks from the business section and a two-minute walk from the street car lines, equally accessible to resident and non-resident students.

The excellent transportation facilities, fourteen steam roads and two interurban lines, make it possible for students in near-by towns to study at the Peoria Musical College and still reside at home.

Peoria is justly proud of its lovely parks and drives, the inspiring Heights and famous historical spots which make it an ideal residence city.


College—Growth and Equipment

The Peoria Musical College, having completed but the seventh year of its existence, has reason to be proud of its splendid growth—materially as well as artistically.

The College, in 1914, erected its own building, which is of the colonial style of architecture, and the broad flight of stone steps, leading to the main entrance on North Madison Avenue, is suggestive of the comfort and hospitality of the interior.

On the main floor are the business offices, the Director's studio, and the recital hall.  The first floor is devoted entirely to studios and classrooms, a cloak room and a reception hall.  The third floor has studios and a reception room, and on this floor are the private apartments of the Director and College officials. 

Office Recital Hall Studio

The construction of the entire building is modern in all particulars.  The systems of electric lighting and steam heating are of the best.

All the rooms have pleasant outlooks, are well ventilated, and are very attractive in every way.  The furnishings have been carefully chosen to harmonize with the character of the building.

The recital hall, seating three hundred, is well equipped for the recitals, concerts and dramatic productions of the school, with comfortable opera chairs, a roomy stage and dressing room, and a new organ which is built on the most modern plans.  This organ is used also for teaching and student's practice.  In this hall the safety of the public was considered, for there are two direct exits.

Franklin Stead, as the Director, since the College was organized, has the policy of the school in charge and all the courses of instruction are carried on under his supervision.  As a musician of high ideals and an educator of broad experience, Mr. Stead occupies a prominent position in the musical profession.  The assistance of a large faculty of earnest teachers has aided in placing this school among the best of the country.





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