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A disconnected switch on the Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis tracks at Union Switch, twenty-five miles from Peoria, was the cause of an accident Sunday night at 9 o'clock. The engine and three coaches were derailed and the passengers given a shaking up. It was probably an attempts to wreck the train, two such attempts having been made within a few months.  The Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL ) Oct. 22,1895, pg. 5 - [Candi H. - 2009]


FEB 4 1890

Two Railroaders Killed in an Accident Near Peoria An Engineer's Frightful 
PEORIA, ILL., February 3. - This evening as a Ohio, Indiana & Western freight train started to go over the bridge spanning the river at Bridge Junction the first span suddenly gave way, precipitating the engine, tender and three care into the river. Fireman O'Brien and Brakeman Lewis were instantly killed. The engineer was pinned in the cab, with his head just above the water. 
Physicians have worked all night doing all they can for him. He is still alive, but there are no hopes of getting him out. The surgeons would cut his legs off could they reach them, but cannot on account of the wreckage. As it is, they are applying hot water and administering brandy, in the hope of possibly keeping him alive until something can be done. It is said that passengers on the Peoria, Decatur & Evansville train, which went over the bridge fifteen minutes ahead of the wreck, felt the bridge sagging.

A Fuller Report
Special to THE HERALD
PEORIA, February 3. - A span of the bridge over the Illinois river, at the lower end of the city, gave way to-night, dropping Ohio, Indiana & Western freight train into the river. The train left the yards a few minutes after No. 70 started across the bridge. The engine had gotten about half way across when, without a sign of warning, the structure gave way at one end leaving a sharp incline down which the engine and cars plunged. The engine, a monster 100 ton machine, struck the stone pier and sank out of sight in the water. Ten cars piled up on top of it, a portion of them being smashed almost to kindling wood. 
The engineer's head was sticking out of the water, all that could be seen of him. His name is Neville and his home at Urbana. Efforts were made to get him out and it was found impossible. His feet are wedges fast. He said the bridge did not sway at all, but fell without the slightest sign. Besides Neville, Fireman O'Brien and Head Brakeman Lewis were in the train. They are from Urbana, and although it is known that both are death (dead) no trace of their bodies has been found.
So far all efforts have been directed to getting Neville out, but at this hour, after five hours' hard work, he is no nearer liberty than before. He 
is certainly a remarkable man, and is the coolest one around the wreck. He says he is not badly injured. His body is all right, and he does not think any bones are broken, but he has no hopes of being taken out alive. He says he must die, and while quietly awaiting his fate is directing the rescuers. He feels that when any portion of the wreck is jacked up the whole mess will fall over and crush him to death. This fear is well grounded, for the broken span seems to be hanging only by a thread, and a person in walking over it can feel it tremble. Railroad men estimate the property loss at $30,000. The engine and several cars complete and the bridge span are now worthless. Railroad traffic is seriously interfered with.

[submitted by: Debbie Lee- 2008]

At the C. R. I&P. depot in Mossville, a sad accident happened Tuesday afternoon. Just as the passenger train was pulling into the depot, a boy named Henry Murphy, about 12 years old, and who had been at work in Mossville for several months, having gone there from Iowa, where his parents live, was running along the depot platform, when he ran violently against a fellow named Burt Crawl. The collision threw the little fellow off the platform just in time to be struck by the engine, the wheels of which ran over one of his feet. He was picked up, put in the baggage car and taken to Peoria, where he was taken to the Central hotel. Dr. McIlvaine was summoned, and the amputation of a portion of the leg found necessary.

[Taken From the Henry Republican, March 23, 1882, Nancy Piper]


Contributed by: Foxie Hagerty
from the Peoria., Press..
Railroad Meeting-- At an adjourned meeting on the subject of a plank road to Farmington or Canton, and the Peoria and Oquawka railroad reported in substance,
that the subject of plank roads should be, for the present, suspended, and that this meeting as far as it relates to plank roads adjourn until the 20th of February next, 
whether subject would be fully taken into consideration, and that a general invitation be given to all persons in the surrounding counties interested in the enterprise top attend.

On motion of E. N. Powel, the report, and accompanying resolution were adopted.
The report of the committee on the Peoria and Oquawka railroad recommended a railroad convention to be held on the 20th December inst., in the town of Knoxville, Knox county. 
On motion, he report was adopted.
O. Peters moved that a committee of three be appointed to give notice of said convention by handbills and news papers along with the proposed line, and in the various 
counties interested in the railroad; and that the chair appoint the committee.
The motion being adopted than chairman appointed O. Peters. W. cockle, and J. Moore, as said-committee.
On motion of J. P. Hotchkiss the chairman was authorized to appoint twenty delegates out of the county to attend said convention at Knoxville.
The Chairman appointed the following gentlemen:
A. G. Curtenuis, Isaac Underhill, Wm. S. Moss, George T. Metcalfe, Norman H. Purple, John T. Lindsay, J. P. Hotchkiss, Ezra G. Sanger. Thomas J. Pickett. A. L. Merriman, Rudolphus Rouse, William Comphor, Smith Rye, T. L. Davis, W. J. Phelps, Dr. Hannaford, James Temple, James Ladd, T. McFarland, O. Peters, W. Cockle, Capt. John Moore, V. Voris, E. N. Powell, Oliver Walcott., G. C. Bester, Lewis Howell, James Kirkpatrick, Jonathan K. Cooper, William Hale, William M. Dodge, Hugh J. Sweeney, John S. Zieber, Wm. W. Thompson and Thos. N. Welles. On motion the meeting adjourned.; John A. McCoy, Ch'rn; John T. Lindsey, Sec.

John Broadman has recovered sufficiently from a week's engagement with the grippe as to resume his old place at the Union Depot. 
Yesterday was his first day.
April 21, 1891, Peoria Daily Transcript [ch- 2007]




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