Peoria County, Illinois  Genealogy Trails 

Port of Peoria

Arrivals and Departures of Steam-boats

July, 1844 Arrived Departed

10 Dove

St. Louis


10 Chicago

St. Louis Ottawa
10 Raritan St. Louis Ottawa
11 Dove Ottawa St. Louis
11 Lasalle Ottawa St. Louis
11 Raritan Ottawa St. Louis
11 Lark   Ottawa
11Chicago Ottawa St. Louis
12 Lebanon St. Louis Ottawa
12 Lark Ottawa  
13 Lebanon Ottawa St. Louis
13 Frolic St. Louis Ottawa
13 Lark   Ottawa
14 Frolic Ottawa St. Louis
14 Lark Ottawa  
14 Mungo Park St. Louis Ottawa
14 Jasper   St. Louis
15 Chicago Ottawa St. Louis
15 Lasalle St. Louis Ottawa



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Peoria County, IL Genealogy Trails
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