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The Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway


From the "Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois", edited by Newton Bateman and Paul Selby, 1900

Transcribed by Karen Seeman


    Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway, a line of railroad wholly within the State of Illinois, extending from Effner, at the Indiana State Line, west to the Mississippi River at Warsaw.  The length of the whole line is 230.7 miles, owned entirely by the company.  It is made up of a division from Effner to Peoria (110.9 miles) -- which is practically an air-line throughout nearly its entire length - and the Peoria and Warsaw Division (108.8 miles) with branches from La Harpe to iowa Junction (10.4 miles) and 0.6 of a mile connecting with the Keokuk bridge at Hamilton.) --(History.)  The original charter for this line was granted in 1863 under the name of the Toledo, Peoria & Warsaw Railroad; the main line was completed in 1868, and the La Harpe & Iowa Junction branch in 1873.  Default was made in 1873, the road sold under foreclosure, in 1880, and reorganized as the Toledo, Peoria & Western Railroad, and the line leased for 49 1/4 years to the Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railway Company.  The latter defaulted in July, 1884, and, a year later, the Toledo, Peoria & Western was transferred to trustees for the first mortgage bond-holders, was sold under foreclosure in October 1886, and, in March, 1887, the present company, under the name of the Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway Company was organized for the purpose of taking over the property.   In 1893 the Pennsylvania Railroad Company obtained a controlling interest in the stock, and, in 1894, an agreement, for joint ownership and management was entered into between that corporation and the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company.  The total capitalization, in 1898, was $9,712,433, of which $4,076,900 was in stock and $4,895,000 in bonds.


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