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Piatt County, IL
County History

Piatt County Jail

Piatt county jail is in the rear of the Sheriff's residence on the jail lot, one block north of the court house. The walls are of brick, lined with scantling, and two-inch plank driven full of spikes. There are six iron cells in double block, back to back. There is a corridor on three sides, while the jailor's corridor is on the fourth side. There are six long, narrow windows, with cross-bars grating. It is heated by two stoves, and ventilated by the doors and windows. There is a guard-room next to the prison, next to which is a cell for female prisoners. The building was erected in 1867. Source: History of Piatt County, by Emma C. Platt  Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst

The County Jail, is a dark and poor ventilated jail. It is in fair condition, but the iron-work needs painting. There were four prisoners, two of whom were in for assault and two for selling liquor contrary to law. The number committed in 1881 was sixteen, the number discharged seventeen, two were sent to the penitentiary, one for forgery, and one for burglary. Three persons escaped by sawing off the iron windows-bars. Source: The County Jails Annual Report 1880-1882 by Illinois Board of Administration  Transcribed by: Debboe Oberst


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