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Piatt County, IL
County History

Poor Farm

The Piatt county Poor Farm contains two hundred and ninty three acres, and is situated about three miles west of Monticello. A portion of the farm is in Monticello township, while the rest lies in Willow Branch township. the farm contains sixty acres of timer land . There are six acers in the garden and three in the orchard. The almshouse proper is of brick, and is two stories and basement, it contains eighteen rooms, six on each floor. The insane department is apart from the main building, and consists of a building 14 X 24 feet, which contains two rooms. These rooms are ceiled inside with undressed lumber. There is no corridor. The windows are 1 1/2 X 4 feet, and are protected by iron bars. On the outside of this building is a yard 40 X 50 feet, which is inclosed as an airing court. Mr. Seits, the present keeper of the Poor Farm took possession March 1, 1877, at that time there was but seven inhabitants, of the house, since 1877, however, there has been as high as fifteen at a time. All inmates are expected to work about thehouse or farm, if able.

When Mr. Seits moved to the place it was in rather poor condition, since his coming the amount of fence on the place has been doubled. Two hundred rods of tile ditching has been done, two hundred trees have been planted, and manyother improvements have been made. The farm at present is self-sustaining. The keeper's salary is $600, besides his family's living. The county's relief outside the Poor Farm is about $800 per year.
Source: History of Piatt County, by Emma C. Platt  Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst


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