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Piatt County, IL
Birth Announcements

Five Children at a Birth
The New Albany Daily Ledger Standard, Feb 10, 1881
Couple from Washington and Scott Counties, now in Illinois
The Washington (D.C.) National Republican contains the following:
Monticello, Piatt County, Ill., December 20, 1880.
Editor National Republican:

Dear Sir - Excuse me for presenting you a picture of my five babies, born September 18, 1880. I am anxious to learn whether there is another such case on record or not. From all authority I can gather there is no man can show a picture of five; and if I am the only man that can do so, I think I am entitled to a premium. I am a wounded soldier of the late war. Yours respectfully,
Michael Hazzard.

P.S. Their weight, when born, averaged from three to five pounds; total 19 1/2 pounds.

On the back of the picture is the following:
"Born September 18, 1880, of Mrs. Aseneth Sauna Hazzard, wife of Michael Hazzard. The wife was born in Little York, Washington County, Indiana, May 2, 1844. Michael Hazzard was born in Vienna, Scott County, Indiana, December 7, 1841; married October, 1863.

"Michael Hazzard enlisted in company C, Thirty-eighth regiment, Indiana volunteers, commanded by Gen. Scribner, of New Albany, Aug. 23, 1861, and was shot in the shoulder at Perryville, Ky., October 3, 1862. Discharged December 31, 1862, and moved to Monticello, Piatt county, in 1866. Both Americans."
[Reprinted in the Southern Indiana Genealogical Society Quarterly dated October 1997 - submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer]

A Litter -- Mrs. Hazzard, of Monticello, Ill., gave birth to five babies, Sunday, Sept. 19th. Telegraph dispatch
Rather a hazard-ous undertaking we should say.
[The Eugene City Guard (Eugene, OR), Saturday, September 25, 1880 - JD - Sub by FoFG]


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