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Piatt County, IL
Crime News

A saloonkeeper in Piatt county, Ill., has been fined $8,000 and costs for selling liquor without a license. If he keeps on selling the judge will be apt to make him feel it next time. [The Anaconda standard.(Anaconda, Mont.), October 23, 1889, Page 2]

Conscience Fund Increased
Treasurer Roberts yesterday received a contribution of 65 cents from an evangelist, who said that he robbed the Government of that amount while postmaster at Lodge, Piatt county, Ills., years ago. He also received a $6 contribution from the postmaster at St. Paul, to whom it was sent last May. [The Times.(Washington [D.C.], September 30, 1899, Page 10]

The officers of Piatt county, Ills., have offered a reward of $250 for the arrest and conviction of Winfield Weaver, who assaulted and outraged Miss Emma Sprague.  [The Goodland Republic. (Goodland, Kan.), 16 June 1893]

Bank Safe Blown Open
Bold Burglars Attack Farmers and Merchants at Mansfield
At Mansfield, Ill., the safe of the Farmers and Merchants State Bank was blown open. The time-lock safe is a complete wreck. The State Auditor had just completed the examination of the books. The front door combination was pounded off with a sledge hammer. What money was in the safe is nearly a total loss, but is a small amount, as the bank carried a heavy deposit in Chicago. The bank resumed business as usual. Source: Chicago eagle (Chicago,Ill ), Dec 29, 1894  Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst

Daring Murder At Monticello
Harley Russell Held Up By Assassins and Killed Before His Wife Eyes
Monticello, Ill, June 22, - One of the most outrageous murders ever committed in central Illinois occurred in this city last night. As Harley Russell and his wife were returning to their home at 9:30 p.m. in a buggy, they were halted at the outskirts of the city by two men. One man sized the horse that Russell was driving and the other draw a revolver and with a curse fired at Russell. The Ball penetrated his right side, and passing between the ribs, produced a wound from which Russell died at 11 o'clock to-day. Mrs. Russell was sitting by her husband's side in the buggy and the murderer shot Russell in the right side to avoid shooting her. The terror stricken woman held her husband with her right arm and drove to the residence of James Mitchell, where Russell remained until he died. A few hours before his death Russell made a sworn statement that Calvin Holden fired the fatal shot and that Albert Dunham held the horse. His wife also recognized the murderers. Sheriff Miller organized a posse and proceeded ed to the residence of John Holden, father of Calvin Holden, and arrested both of the accused men and placed them in the Piatt County Jail. The people are excited and threaten to take the law in their own hands. Dunham was sent to the penitentiary sometime ago for a term of three years from Mason County for stealing a watch. Both men affirm their innocence, but the evidence against them is very strong. Source: Chicago Herald (Chicago,Ill ), Monday, June 23, 1890  Transcribed by: Debbie Oberst


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