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of Piatt County, IL


UNION, 1861 : Established by James Shoaff. Short-lived.

COURIER, 1869(?) (?): Weekly.

FARMERS' ADVOCATE, 1873-1875: Mit. A. Bates was editor and publisher.

REGISTER, 1875-1877: J. H. Jacobs, editor and publisher. Republican.

INDEPENDENT, 1878: Established by Benn Biddlecome. Independent. Short-lived.


JOURNAL, 1873-1875: John S. Harper and a Mr. Wolfe were editors and publishers; the paper was printed at the office of the Farmer City Journal


COUNTY TIMES, 1856-1858+ : Edited by J. D. Mondy, who was succeeded by J. C. Johnson. He sold to James Outten, who received Mr. Hassett as a partner. Changed to

PIATT DEMOCRAT, +1858-1862 + : Edited by W. A. Gilliland, 1858- 1860; J. C. Johnson, 1860-1862. Changed to

CONSERVATIVE, +1862-1864+: At first edited by Thomas Milligan, who was succeeded by W.E. Lodge, changed to

PIATT COUNTY UNION, +1864-1865+: Edited by M. A. Bates. Changed to

PIATT INDEPENDENT, +1865-1874+: Edited by J. M. Holmes. A complete file is owned by L. C. Burgess. Changed to

REPUBLICAN, +1874-1876+ : At the end of three years, Mr. Holmes sold to Mr. Wagner, who immediately sold to H. B. Funk. He changed its name to

BULLETIN, +1876 to date: Edited by Henry B. Funk, 1876-1882; Mize Brothers, 1882-1883; Mr Funk, 1884-1885; Moral O'Banion; C. N. Walls, 1885-1886; Carl Uhler. 1887; M. L. Griffith, 1887-1888; Garver Brothers, 1888; William E. Krebs, 1888-1898; Evan Stevenson, 1899; C. E. Gaumer, 1899-1902; H. W. Buckle, 1902-1903; G. W. Mize, the present editor, 1903 to date. The files in the office are incomplete. Democratic.

FARMERS' ADVOCATE, 1874 : Existed for a few months in the spring. M. A. Bates was editor.

PIATT COUNTY HERALD, April, 1874 to date: Established by H. H. Peters, who continued until 1892, when it was bought by G. A. Burgess and consolidated with the Independent; begun by Mr. Burgess in 1887, under the name Piatt County Republican. In 1905 G. A. Burgess was succeeded, as editor and manager, by his son, L. C. Burgess. Republican. A complete file owned by L. C. Burgess.

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