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1880 Poor House Census

Pike County Almshouse - September 23, 1910
G. W. Main, Superintendent, Pittsfiled

The Pike county almshouse is well managed. The inmates are treated with great kindness and are kept busy helping with the sewing, ironing, gardening, etc. They are glad to help about and the matron likes to make them feel their usefulness, but the lack of modern conveniences makes the work extremely difficult for all of them. There is no plumbing in the building, water must be heated in the laundry and carried to the bath-tubs. Water for all purposes must be carried in buckets, while the drinking water comes from a well situated a long distance from the house.

As there are no inside toilets, the old people must go to closets, which are a good distance from the house, and in a very insanitary condition. It is especially hard to care for the sick, as there is but one man employed as outside help; the lack of toilet and bath facilities renders it impossible to attend properly to inmates who are sick but could wait on themselves to some extent if these conveniences were provided. The buildings are beautifully located on a rolling, grassy plot; shade trees abound. But when one gets inside, the ill-arrangement for light and air impresses him. The dining rooms are dark, as are many of the bed rooms. But the freshly painted walls, the oiled, hardwood floors, the clean beds, render the interior pleasant despite the obstacles.

Only coal oil lamps are used, the kitchen stove looks rusty, there are very few rockers none in the men's sitting room and no screens in most of the bed room windows. The stairs are steep and very hard for the women who live on the second floor, to climb. There is nothing modern about the place save steam heat; the basement has a dirt floor. The farm buildings are old and run down; the farm itself is very poor; very little food is raised for the inmates. A great deal of money should be spent on improving the buildings and more money should be expended in securing attendance for the sick. The management is humane and competent.
Contributed by Candi Horton

KLEIN, O.G. 37 Married Keeper IL VA VA
KLEIN, Lucretia 32 Wife Housekeeper VA VA VA
KLEIN, Glenn M 05 Single Son IL IL VA
KLEIN, Leon L. 08 Single Son IL IL VA
KLEIN, Albert F. 03 Single Son IL IL VA
KLEIN, Fred J. 01 Single Son IL IL VA
DICKESON, Douglas 43 Widower Farm Laborer IL NY NY
McCOREY, Anna 25 Single Servant IN IN IN
MOORE, George 22   Farm Laborer NY NY IRE
FIELDS, Martha 48 Widow Pauper/Insane OH OH OH
LONG, Mary 38 Single Pauper/Insane IL IL IL
ALLISON, Susan 36 Single Pauper/Idiotic IL IL IL
LAYTON, Nancy 84 Widow Pauper DE DE DE
HARDESTY, Nancy 37 Single Pauper/Insane IL IL IL
WYATT, Ruben 66 Widow Pauper VA VA VA
JONES, James 37 Single Pauper/Idiotic ENG ENG ENG
ORRILL, Mary 34 Single Pauper/Idiotic ENG ENG ENG
MAHER, William 79 Widower Pauper IRE IRE IRE
JOHNSTON, David 17 Single Pauper/Deformed PA PA PA
EPPING,John 50 Widower Pauper/Paralized PRU PRU PRU
FIRTH, William 28 Widower Pauper/Blind ENG ENG ENG
HALL, William 83 Single Pauper/ ENG ENG ENG
GRIFFIN, John 24 Single Pauper/Blind IL NY PA
WELLS, Lizzie 16 Single Pauper/Idiotic IL IN NJ
CELOCK, Thomas 27 Widower Pauper IL MA NY
BREWS, Benella 45 Single Pauper
Feeble Minded
SPARKS, Martha 46 Married Pauper
Feeble Minded
SPARKS, Charles 04 Orphan Pauper IL NY NY
BUMIS, Amelia 64 Single Pauper NJ NJ NJ
WISDOM, Ann 01 Orphan Pauper IL NJ NJ
MARONEY, Mike 68 Single Pauper IRE IRE IRE
ASKEW, Louisa 28 Divorced Pauper/Blind IL IN MO
MALONE, Mary 31 Single Pauper/Idiotic
Feeble Minded
FLETCHER, Samantha 23 Single Pauper MO KY MO
MORAND, Hannah 50 Married Pauper IN OH IN
LOFTON, Mary 20 Single Pauper/Paralysis IL NY IL
MALONE, William 01 Single Pauper IL PRU IL
WELLS, Barthena 71 Single Pauper KY VA KY
GAZAWAY, Jane 60 Married Pauper/Insane MO KY VA
DEMING, G.W. 57 Single Pauper/Consumption VA ENG VA
PIERSON, Mary 60 Single Pauper/Insane ENG ENG ENG
McPEACE, Isabella 50 Single Pauper/Insane ENG ENG ENG
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