Holford Cemetery - Hardin Township

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Located by W.C. Lewis in Sept. 1978.
Near the middle of Sec. 15 Hardin Twp.
1/2 mile North and 1/4 mile east of the Loren Willard house.
Older residents say originally there were 20 or more stones including 2 or 3 for Revolutionary War Soldiers.
Suddenly about 163 most of the stones disappeared and all that remains is two stones.
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HOLFORD, Derius 38y 2m 17d 04 Jun 1840
HOLFORD, Elizabeth 12y 11m 17d 25 Dec 1842
HOLFORD, Isaac 75y 4m 17d 25 Jan 1854
HOLFORD, William 10m 25d 21 Oct 1853 J.M. & A.C. Holford
Two footstones marked J.E.M. and A.V.M. J.E.M. could be for Joseph Myers who married a daughter of Isaac Holford.
Possibly the two stones found along a lane in Sec. 22 belong in this location.