Barry First Christian Church

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Photo Contributed by Billie Browning
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Rev. C.L. Clason has accepted the pastorate of teh Barry Christian Church. He and his wife are now established in the parsonage on Mortimer Street. Rev. Clason comes to Barry from Matoon IL where he served as minister of the Marshall Avenue Christian Church two years. Previously he served in Fulton County, two years at Cuba IL and five years in rural churches of the area. He was an Evangelist in MO for fourteen years and was president of the Marion County Association of Christian Churches in 1940-41. Rev. Clason received his schooling at the Minneapolis Bible College and the Missouri Christian College at Camden Point MO. He was graduated in 1927.

Rev. and Mrs. Clason have six children, four sons and two daughters. The boys are all in service in the air corps; Scott, a technical sergeant at Biggs Field, El Paso, TX; Kenneth, a technical sergeant at Selfridge Field, Detroit; Donald, a private first class at Fort Crook NE; and Floyd, a technical sergeant in Germany, near Munich. Floyd was a first lieutenant in the air corps during WW II. He served as a pilot and flew 75 missions over Germany. He re-enlisted in 1947. The Clasons' daughters are both married. One lives in Sious City IA and the other in St. Paul MN. The boys too, are all married, except Donald, the youngest. There are nine grandchildren.

[Source: The Barry Adage December 27, 1950]
Christian Church - 1910