Griggsville Hinman Chapel

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History of Organization of the Griggsville Circuit

Contributed by Delaine Donaldson

First religious service was held at the residence of Geo. A. Hinman the year 1835 or 1836. Soon after a society was organized by Wm. H. Taylor. The Hinman meeting house was built in the year 1842. Members were: George and Nancy Hinman, Sarah C. Rush, Isaac and Mary Davis, George and Maria Yates, Wm.McLaughlin and Ann McLaughlin, Robert and Philisse Madaris, Matthew and Susana Simpson, John E. and Maragret Avers, John and Elizabeth Derry, W. H. Davis, Robt. McLaughlin, John McLaughlin, James and Mary McKinny, Mrs. M. McElroy, Isaac Davis, class leader; George Yates, Steward.

George Yates and George Hinman have long since passed to that rest which remains to the true and faithful. They did a grand work for the church and community in their day and the impress of their faithful lives may be seen in the church and community. Father and Mother McLaughlin and Father and Mother Rush are still lingering among their children; they have not lived and labored in vain, as their large families, all members of the church, are following their precepts. There was a Sunday School organized at the house of Uncle John Rush.

There was a church house built. Many who were children then, but now growing gray, remember the Sunday School at Father Rush's house in the winter, and in the peach orchard in the summer. Mother Rush has been teacher in the Sunday School for over forty years and still she may be found on Sabbath morning with Bible in hand standing before her class — an example for all.

The membership of this society has a part of the most beautiful and fertile portion of Illinois — truly they have a goodly heritage. The old house of worship has served its day, for forty years has it stood the blast of time and now changes are to come, and a new church soon to take the place of the old one, yet sacred will be the recollection of old Hinman meeting house. Many have been the sermons and songs of praise and prayers that have been offered in behalf of the people. Many souls here have been converted. Many have gone over to the land of promise — precious record to be unfolded in the great hereafter. May the new church, soon to be erected, have as grand a record in the half century to come. The present membership of the society numbers about one hundred.

Present Board of Trustees — R. McLaughlin, president; Jerome Rush, secretary; Elias Rush, treasurer; John W. McLaughlin, George Parker, W. Yates, T. P. Elledge. Stewards--Jerome Rush, Robert B. McLaughlin. Class Leaders—Wm McLaughlin, Sr., E. F. Rush, Wrn. McLaughlin, Jr., George Parker. Building Committee — T. D. Weems, Jerome Rush, R. B. McLaughlin, Wm. McLaughlin and E. F. Rush.

At the present date this society stands connected with three other societies — namely, Detroit, Bethel and Flint, comprising the Griggsville Circuit Griggsville District, Illinois Conference.

The corner stoner Hinman June, 1853, at 10 a.m. provided nothing prevents. Rev. P. Wood, P. E., officiating, assisted by Revs. Kumler, Wilcox and others. All friends and former pastors cordially invited to be present.
REV. T. D. WEEMS. Pastor.