Wike Chapel Dedicated - December 18, 1895

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Contributed by Virginia Gorton Bonne
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Wike Chapel was dedicated on the 15th inst. The dedicatory sermon was preached by that eloquent divine, Rev. Horace Reed, presiding elder of this district. There was present the pastor, Rev. Stone, Rev. Kennedy and that sweet singer, Rev. Paine of New Douglas, Ill.

The Chapel was crowded to its utmost capacity, seating about 300 persons and standing room for fifty more. The sermon was a most eloquent one, the congregation was frequently moved to tears, then to smiles at the Elder's happy hits. Total cost of building and fixtures a little over $1400. Collections very generous. Cash $92.22; subscriptions $191.00.

The Chapel stands a beautiful structure and without a single dollar's indebtedness. The trustees and others here take this method of thanking those who contributed so generously to the building of this chapel. Hon. Scott Wike, Assistant Treasurer United States, gave the site and $100, and has just sent check for $25 additional. Thanks, Scott, and long may you wave; may your shadow never grow less.