Atlas Township, Pct. 3, Pike County, Illinois

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Atlas Town Hall
Photo by Billie Browning

The trustees of Atlas Township are looking into selling property the township owns in the village of Atlas, along Highway 54. The building formerly was the voting place for Atlas 3 voters and served for other community functions, but hasn't been used in several years, since the consolidation of polling places.

"It has no insulation, no electricity, no water and no heat unless you hook a propane tank up to it," Larry Fitch, an Atlas trustee, said. "It is not handicapped accessible. It's not big enough to fit two of these tables in." The trustees have been trying to get an appraisal on the building, the first step for a governmental entity to dispose of property. Once the appraisal is obtained, the township will advertise for bids and bids must be 80 percent of the appraised value.

According to Atlas trustees, the matter of selling the building was brought up at a prior township meeting several years ago and at that time, people wanted to keep it. "But we've got new people here now and they said "Sell it," Ronnie Henry, another trustee, said. No timeline for given for the sale that will include the building and approximately two city lots.
From Billie Browning 2011 - Pike Press