City of Pittsfield

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Old Postcard of the Courthouse
Old Postcard of the Courthouse
Divider Line First Courthouse 1821
First Courthouse 1821 - Pittsfield IL (History of Pike County by Chapman)

This year the first courthouse in the county was built. Daniel Shinn took the contract for cutting and hauling the logs, at $6 and for $26 he got out the puncheons and finished the building. It was completed without nails or iron in any shape. It was 16 by 18 feet in dimensions, with one door and two windows, the door on the east side, one window on the south side and another on the west side; desks made of puncheons; chimney outside; and the clapboards of the roof held on with weight-poles and knees. There were no trees around the house, but plenty of hazel-brush in the vicinity.
[Source: Pg 202 - Jess Thompson History of Pike Co 1880

Divider Line Old Post Card of Carnegie Library
Old Post Card of Carnegie Library
Divider Line Pittsfield Post Office, 1939
Pittsfield Post Office, 1939
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Pittsfield First Jail