Farming & Agriculture

Threshing Run
The Nichols and Wallace Threshing Run near New Canton around 1938
Photo from Carmen Megehee and some help from Tom Fox and Wordell Gray

Seated left to right:Dale Billings, Joe Main, John Gray, Merle Bower, Robbie Wallace, Richard Nichols (boy), Paul Nichols, Clarence Epperson, J. W. Epperson, unknown

Standing left to right:unknown, Edna Mae Gray, Gerald Gray, unknown, Lawrence Allensworth, unknown, Dallas Hall, Lonnie Allensworth, Frank Allensworth, unknown, Paul Allensworth, Otis Gray.
Tom says "the 10th one standing on the back row is "Blackie" Schmidt (who was Paul Nichols right hand man)".

(Notes from Chris) - The threshing run consisted of several families. It was an "association" or group or several farmers banding together to harvest the oats and wheat crops. One family would have a threshing machine and very other farmer in the group would come to the disignated farm on a certain day. The farmers wife would be in charge of feeding the tired and hungry crew. The other wives in the group would help as much and as often as they could.

Otis Horton's Motorized Hay Bailer
Left to Right: Otis Horton & Harry Browning, early 1940's
The Hortons were a hard working family in the Rockport/New Canton area. During season some of the daughters would "punch wires" thru the bales.