New Canton Floods

[Photos & Articles Submitted by Carmen Megehe & the Family of Tom Fox]

1914 - Kaiser Creek Bridge Washout

Illinsois River Highest in History Illinois Floods
The Chillicothe Constitution Tribune, Tuesday, 10-12-1926 Chillicothe, MO
Beardstown, Ill., Oct. 12 -
Waters of the Illinois River today reached the height of 26.36 feet, the highest mark in the history of Illinois floods, and the water continued to rise, government guages recorded. As the water crept over the main streets and into houses Red Cross officials broadcast an appeal for $60,000 to aid in rehabitating the stricken area.

Decatur Herald, Friday, September 10, 1936
Several Stories related to the flooding in 1926

Flood Incidents
In reports of the flood situation along the Wabash, Springfield Register Thursday evening gave this detail: Wabash passenger train No. 15, which left Springfield at 4:25 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, is stalled between Valley City and Griggsville, with a bridge out before and behind it. Passengers are awaiting a means of transportation from their predicament. The Kansas City passenger train, westbound, No. 9, is stranded at Baylis by a washout farther along the line. A third train, with only a train crew on board, is held up between Pittsfield and Marysville, likewise by a washout.

Aged Woman Drowned
The bursting of a levee at New Canton, carried the body of the aged Mrs. Whitley, two blocks, and the raging water piled furniture against her husband, who was narrowly rescued from drowning by neighbors.

Kaiser Creek in Pike County overflowed its banks and broke through the town of New Canton. Mrs. Willis Whitley, 84, was caught in the raging torrent and drowned. There have been no trains to St. Louis in 48 hours, and the Burlington tracks to the south of the Illinois side of the river are under water in Adams and Pike counties. They will not be able to operarte until the flood subsides. The Mississippi is at a high stage, but still well within its banks.

The following photos are from Carmen Megehe in Memory of Tom Fox
She stated: "My Grandfather Virgil Megehe remembered this Flood. He stated a cold front came in after this flood, and many people had ice in their basements."

1926 Flood Pictures from New Canton
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Photo #13 - 1914 Flood