Conscription List

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WW I, Pike County, Illinois
Barry Adage 6 June 1917 - Contributed by Virginia Gorton Bonne
All Between the Ages of 20 and 31 on the List.
The following young men between the ages of 20 and 31 have placed their names on the register:
Barry Adage, 30 May 1917

Sheriff Shive Appointed the Chief Registrators.
The United States government has taken the preliminary steps toward putting into effect the selective service system for raising an army of one million men, as is evident from a sack received by Sheriff Robert A. Shive, of this county, containing the blanks for registration of all men between the ages of 21 and 30. The sheriff must give an exact accounting for every card received whether it is filled out or not. The registration cards contain blanks for answer to fourteen questions which include the name, birth, occupation, whether naturalized citizens or not, what dependants the signer has, and whether married or single, etc. The sheriff has received special instructions in the manner of procedure which the government requests be withheld from publication. As soon as the conscription law is passed by congress and the president signs the bill, orders will be sent out to begin registration. It is the opinion that Pike county will be called on to furnish soldiers, less those enlisted since April 1, 1917. Young men engaged in farming and thoroughly established as renters or proficient as farm hands, may be exempted from the first conscription. [questions listed and exemptions explained] "No exemption or exclusion shall continue when a cause therefore no longer exists; Provided, that notwithstanding the exemptions enumerated here, each state, territory and the District of Columbia shall be required to supply its quota in the proportion that its population bears to the population of the United States."

The registrars for Pike county are as follows, the first named in each precinct being the chief registrar in that precinct:

FLINT, E. L. Cawthorn, William Cook.
DETROIT, Emmet Rush, R. V. Sanderson.
MONTEZUMA, Neal B. Allen, Alice McCann.
PEARL, John Knox, Ira Ruyle.
PERRY No. 1, Harvey Six, Chas. H. Allen.
PERRY No. 2, J. R. Sims, O. G. Zimmerman.
GRIGGSVILLE No. 1, John Stead, James Farrand.
GRIGGSVILLE No, 2, Ross P. Shinn, Rufus Hitch.
NEWBURG, William Schmidt, Frank Carroll.
HARDIN, Charles Hayden, Chas. Kemener.
SPRING CREEK, Dr. Roy Pollock, C. E. Swayne.
FAIRMOUNT, Willard Potter, John Ekright.
NEW SALEM No. 1, Harvey Meserve & John W. Whitten.
NEW SALEM No. 2, Sam Grammer & W. W. Hooper.
PITTSFIELD No. 1, John Coulter & C. H. Nelson.
PITTSFIELD No. 2, John R. Gicker & Thomas Foster.
PITTSFIELD No. 3, Truman Allen & Geo. Weaver.
MARTINSBURG, Chas. Cooper & Lee Heavner.
PLEASANT HILL, W. A. Windmiller, I. D. Webster & Milo Galloway.
HADLEY, J. W. Brawley & Raymond Kendall.
DERRY, George Motley & James Moorehead.
ATLAS No. 1, Thomas Ruyle & Charles Helkey.
ATLAS No. 2, T. J. Keller & C. I. Rupert.
ROSS, William Yokum & Walter Beckenboldt.
BARRY No. 1, Dr. C. J. Davis, O. L. Maltman & E. E. McNeal.
BARRY No. 2, Rollo Six, B. B. Watson & R. W. Yancy.
PLEASANT VALE, R. E. Funk & C. L. Hopkins.
KINDERHOOK No. 1, C. J. Gose & John Harlow.
KINDERHOOK No. 2, Chas. Edwards & L. H. Kennedy.
CINCINNATI, Charles P. Klitz.
LEVEE, T. E. Aldrich.

Registered from Barry

Arthur L. Maltman.
Floyd Callaway.
Chas. Percy Dabney.
Clarence L. Gay.
Aldo G en Booth [as printed]
Raymond Isaac Gieker.
Ray Forrest Davis.
Claud Ray Griffeth.
Arthur Elmer Vollbracht.
Alfred Barnes.
John Barnes.
George Herman Stagg.
Charles V. Hoskins.
Fred Miller.
U. Cloyd Forshey.
Burl E. Grubb.
Alva Glen Crump.
Lee Hulse.
Elden E. Bonifield.
Lawrence W. Hoskins.
Richard Ered Gorman [as printed]
Harvey Otis Schultz.
Edward E. Blair.
Harold Avery Lippincott.
Harry Logan.
Floyd Wayne Barnes.
James N. Whittekiend.
Albert Ray McCartney.
David Brown.
Cloyd Raymond Hively.
Henry Elmer Dunham.
Alfred Harmon Kelly.
Frank Lewton.
William Hull.
Frank Kuhlman
Andrew Martin Guinan.
Harry Wayne Kuhlman.
Walter Clinton Baker.
Vanus Edward Call.
Theodore Bradshaw.
Rudolph B. Deiter.
Freddie Lindon Quincy.
Willie Dell Quincy.
Benjamin F. Foster.
Gains W. Clark.
Jonnie Karsten.
James Elden Ewing.
Harry G. Schultz.
Harry Wakefield.
Harry W. Mellon.
Chester W. Cunningham.
Floyd Lester Winner.
Joye Gilbert Gieker.
James Orville Kramer.
Iven Weisenberg.
Jesse Gordon.
Calvin Dudley.
Thomas James Buffington.
Joseph D. Davis.
Vodra Bradshaw.
Loyd Arthur Baird.
Fred Sydell Stroheker.
Everett Funk.
Ninnis Elmo Hull.
George Russell Metcalf.
William A. Sparrow.
Delbert VanCamp.
Cloyd George.
Harold Leon Fitch.
Fred Deitert.
Warren Arthur Campbell.
Clyde Weddington.
Elmer Thompson.
Clifford Grant Jones.
Chester Edison Mayburry.
Bert Winner.
Douglas Floyd Liggett.
Niels Muller.
Edward VanCamp.
Ernest Hooper.
David Forshey.
Floyd N. Nichol.
Roy Pfanschmidt.

Registered from Barry

James Mathis.
Farrell Conway Burton.
Alan Long.
Robert Edward Balzer.
Leo Victor Likes
Charlie Franks Hackard.
Amos Melvin Cox.
Earle Wayne Dolbeare.
Frank Gilbert Wendorff.
George Francis Dabney.
Joel M. Berry.
Loraine C. Strubinger.
Robert V. Brown.
William Matthew Winner.
William Myers, Jr.
Harry H. Jones.
Sherman Grant Miller.
Alvin A. Kleinschmidt.
John Warren Pulliam.
Otto Hack Reinhardt.
William Thomas Eales.
Emmett Lester Lippincott.
George Washington Crim.
James Arthur Stearns.
Joseph Dennie Stearns.
George Frank Cox.
Harry Leroy Fishel.
William H. Wendorff.
Eugene Gard.
Ellis Hack.
Fred W. Hack.
Roscoe Walther.
David Daniel Balzer.
John Luther Bloyd.
Alvah Kaylor.
John Wesley Burton.
Delbert Ray Watkins.
Floyd T. Clark.
Samuel Judy.
Clifford Warren Collins.
Harry Eves Johnson.
Ormar Clarence Bower.
Clarence L. Hays.
Harold Hoyt.
John B. Long.
George Hack.
Clarence Myers.
Simis Christison.
Wallace M. Bower.
Vail Cordell.
Arthur M. Stauffer.
Albert D. Hack.
Ralph White Hays.
Stonewall J. Smith.
Earl C. Grammer.
Arnold Davis.
John B. Parks.
Elbert H. Bower.
Jamie Coleman.
James Henry Bonnifield.
Walter E. Stauffer.
Thomas Lewis.

From Other Cities

Unes Ransing Booth, Macon, Mo.
Jesse F. Wheeler, Bushnell, Ill.
Fred Barnes, No residence given.
Willard Madison Rusk, Clear Lake, Ia.
Samuel Joe Burgess, New Haven, Conn. Ralph E. Nicol, Barry, Ill.
Harry Ward Gay, Eddyville, Ia.
Lee Bryan Arnold, Montpelier, Ohio
Frank Sewall Stroheker, Kansas City, Mo.
Robert E. Early, Pocatello, Idaho
Edwin C. O'Brien, Barry, Ill.