Vietnam War
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Pike Paid the Price in Vietnam
By Beth Zumwalt - Pike Press November 5, 2014
The Vietnam Conflict Extract Data File of the Defense Casualty Analysis System (DCAS) Extract Files contains records of 58, 220 U.S> military and fatal casualties of the Vietnam War. Eight of those 58, 222 casualties were from Pike County - Dale Smith, Darrell Pruett, Harold Myers, Howard Allen, Jay Shelby, John Campbell, Johnnie Ator, Joseph Michael Smith and Donald McKee. Most, if not all, were Pike County natives and had attended Pike Schools. Another Pike County young man lost his life in Vietnam, also, John Akin, a member of the PHS class of 1966, was killed in action, but was living in Texas when he was inducted, so he is listed with Texas casualties in the project. Earlier this year, the Illinois Press Association started a project, "Faces Never Forgotten". The statewide newspaper organizations asked its membership to help locate pictures of Vietnam casualties in order to complete an electronic "Wall of Faces" in the new education enter at the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Newspapers and newspaper associations across the country were asked for particular help in locating missing photos. The IPA had secured pictures of all but three of the Pike County soldiers and the Pike Press was able to locate and include those. Pike Press will be forwarding the three missing photographs to IPA for inclusion in the "Wall of Faces" project.

Howard L. Allen
Age 34, Pearl died Dec. 21, 1965 in Vietnam; the exact location is unknown. He was a sergeant in the US Army. He was the son of Walter and Lula Allen, and a graduate of Pearl High School. (Contributed by Bill Browning - from Pike Press 5 November 2014.

Johnnie Ator
Age 20, was killed in the province of Pleiku Feb. 9, 1969. He was a sergeant in the U.S. Army and the son of Ike and Laverne Ator of Pittsfield. (Contributed by Bill Browning - from Pike Press 5 November 2014.

Larry Browning
Sgt. Air Force, 22 Jun 1945, Died 6 September 1990, Buried at Miller Cemetery, (Contributed by Mary Davis)

John Drew Campbell
(22 December 1945 -22 November 1965) IL Pfc 1 BN. Last week an item was published in the Messenger reporting Pfc. John Campbell missing in Vietnam. A later reported has been received: "The body of Pfc. John Drew Campbell, 19, son of Ernie and Irma/Emma Campbell of Pleasant Hill, has been found in offshore water near Da Nang, Viet Nam. Pfc. Campbell was a passenger in an amphibious tractor without power that was being towed down the Cade river by another vessel. The tow line broke and the disabled vehicle was carried out to sea and sank offshore, and the body was found where the vehicle submerged." The body of Campbell is be returned to the United States. According to the report received last Wednesday night the body would arrive in about 10 days. Services will be held here for Campbell. Private Campbell was born at East St. Louis, Dec, 23, 1945, a son of Ernest and Irma Guthrie Campbell. He attended school here and was graduated from Pleasant Hill High school in 1964. He enlisted in the Marines the following August and was last home on leave last Christmas. He was a member of the Re-Organized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints. Young Campbell was active in sports in high school, especially football, and played a starring role in the senior class play in the spring of 1964. Surviving besides his mother is a sister, Mrs. James Ball of Reynolds. His father preceded him in death eight years ago. (Contributed by Billie Browning - Billie remembers this young boy. He had a black and white dog that went everywhere Johnny went. When school started - the dog walked right with him and when school was over the dog would be there. A boy and his dog - they were best friends. This young soldier was taken too soon.)

Michael Doran
RJ3 US Navy, Son of Milton & Marjorie Doran, 23 August - 18 March 1978, Buried at Samuel Taylor Cemetery. (Contributed by Billie Browning)

Craig Hogan
S/Sgt Army Vietnam, 25 June 1947 - 16 August 1981, Buried at Samuel Taylor Cemetery. (Contributed by Billie Browning)

George E. Johnston
IL Sgt. U. S. Mil asst Com'd Vietnam P. H., 09 May 1943 - 24 Dec 1965, Buried at Samuel Taylor Cemetery. (Contributed by Billie Browning)

Donnie Wayne McKee
Killed in Action - Tau Thien, South Vietnam. (Contributed by John Thomas), Age 20, a PFC in the US Army died in Thua Thien, March 24, 1970. He was the son of Robert and Bona June McKee of rural Pittsfield. He had been in Vietnam less than six weeks at the time of his death. (Contributed by Bill Browning - Pike Press Nov. 5, 2014)

Dennis R. Motley
(02 Mar 1939-05 Feb 1987, A2C US Air Force, Buried at Samuel Taylor Cemetery.

Harold E. Myers
Age 21, of Rockport, an SP4 in the U.S. Army was killed in Phu Yen March 31, 1971. He was one month away from coming home. He was the son of Harold and Maryanne Myers. Buried at Summer Hill Cemetery (Contributed by Bill Browning - Pike Press 5 November 2014)

Darrell Pruett
A private (of New Salem) in the Marine Corps, was killed in Quang Na Nov. 8, 1967. He was 19. (Contributed by Billie Browning- Pike Press 5 Nov 2014)

Harold David Shade
Pvt US Navy Vietnam, 28 November 1939 - 06 January 1992, Buried at Samuel Taylor Cemetery. (Contributed by Billie Browning)

Jay C. Shelby
Killed in Action - Bihn Dinh, South Vietnam lived in Nebo. (Contributed by John Thomas), Jay Shelby was killed in Vietnam in 1968. Class of 1964 Pittsfield High School. (Contributed by Gail Froelich) Jay Shelby, 21, Nebo, died in Binh Dinh March 1, 1967. He was a SP4 in the U.S. Army. His parents were Mayo and Vera Shelby. He was a 1964 graduate of Pittsfield High School. Buried at Nebo Cemetery(Contributed by Bill Browning - Pike Press Nov. 5, 2014)

Dale Gene Smith
SP4 in the U.S. Army, was killed in Tay Nin, May 20, 1966. He was 22 and from Pearl. He was the son of George Elbert and Mary Jean Smith of Pearl. Buried at Green Pond Cemetery. (Contributed by Bill Browning - Pike Press Nov. 5, 2014)

Junior Leroy Smith
SP4 US Army Vietnam, 11 July 1950 - 28 March 1980, Buried at Samuel Taylor Cemetery. (Contributed by Bill Browning)

Joseph Michael Williams
Killed in Action - Quang Nam, South Vietnam (from Nebo) (Contributed by John Thomas) Age 20, from Nebo, was killed May 20, 1968 in Guang Nam. He was a corporal in the US Army and the brother of Virgil Williams. Buried at Green Pond. (Contributed by Bill Browning - Pike Press 5 November 2014)