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PARRACK, Benjamin E.
Pvt. 67 Field Arty - 5 July 1921 - 5 November 1941 - Buried at Park Lawn Cemetery
Contributed by Billie Browning

PEECHER, Maurice
Another class of aerial triggermen to guard Army Air Forces' bombers was graduated last week from the Harlingen Army Air Field, (Texas) aerial gunnery school of the AAF Training Command, and among the qualified "Sharpshooters of the Sky" was Maurice E. Peecher, son of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Peecher of Rockport, who also have four other sons in the service, and a sixth son who was in but was dismissed on account of his age. Along with his diploma he received a pair of Aerial Gunner's wings and a promotion in grade at brief graduation exercises held at Harlingen Army Air Field, Texas. After a delay in route to visit relatives, he will join an aerial combat team, unless retained at Harlingen to serve as a gunnery instructor. He was prepared for his place in America's stepped-up air offensive by a comprehensive six weeks course in every phase of aerial gunnery warfare. Besides learning to fire every type weapon from camera guns to the deadly caliber .50 Brownings, he studied turret manipulation, aircraft identification and learned to tear down and assemble machine guns while blindfolded. He climaxed the course by firing on towed targets from Texan training planes, medium bombers and Liberators.
Contributed by Delaine Donaldson - Pike County Democrat-Times (Pittsfield, Illinois) December 29, 1943

PFC US ARMY - 1916 - 1980 - Buried at Miller Cemetery

PHILLIPS, Flavius & NEWMAN, Jimmy
Jimmie Newman, son of Mrs. Nora Newman and Flavius Phillips, son of Mrs. Beulah Phillips, enlisted in the navy in January, 1941. They received their preliminary training at the Great Lakes Training Station and were later transferred to San Diego. They are now in Hawaii where they are both on airplane carrier duty. Jimmie and Flavius have been together since joining the navy.
Contributed by Delaine Donaldson - The Independent Press (Griggsville, Illinois), April 8, 1942

PRESSEY, Clarence & Cleo
Clarence "Dink" he is deceased, and Cleo (one of the only two living siblings). Clarence was the son of Charles William and Gertrude (Winningham)Pressey and is buried in Blue River Cemetery. This picture was taken in 1944 or 1945 while they were still wearing their army clothes. Cleo (is the son of Charles William and Gertruce (Winningham) Pressey, he entered the service on Feb. 12, 1942 and mustered out Oct. 25, 1945.
Contributed by Carolyne Conner Puskas

PYLE, Herschel Eugene
Contributed by Delaine Donaldson

REED, Sue Esther
Sue Esther Reed joined the WAC July 13 and went to Oglethorpe, Georgia for basic training, and to Romulus, Michigan where she is working in the A. A. B. division of the service. Miss Reed is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Reed of Griggsville.
Contributed by Delaine Donaldson - The Independent Press (Griggsville, Illinois), January 17, 1945

REEL, Leland
Contributed by Delaine Donaldson

REESE, Harvey
Harvey Reese Jr., the son of Harvey and Mildred Lytle Reese, was inducted last June and took his boot training at Farragut, Idaho, later being sent to San Diego where he attended a radio sound school. Seaman Reese was shipped out of this country about the first of December. A week ago his parents received word from him that he was stationed in the South Pacific area and had seen action in several engagements
Contributed by Delaine Donaldson - The Independent Press (Griggsville, Illinois), Feb. 2, 1944

RHODES, Louis Albert
Contributed by Delaine Donaldson

"If you know S.D. Shane of 307 Thomas St. Roxana, you can tell him I received his card but cannot send him the seed," wrote Cpl. Bernard ARoberts to his sister, Mrs. Harold Sheppard of 112 West Sixth St. Roxanna. Cpt Roberts stated he received two V-Mail letters from his sister but only one was photographed, the other having a card inside from S.D. Shane of Roxana to a seed company in Iowa. The card had evidently slipped inside the letter in handling. Cpl. Roberts is a radar operator in North African. (March 29, 1944)

Contributed by Delaine Donaldson

Contributed by Delaine Donaldson

Pvt. Nolan Rumple, son of Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Rumple, of Maysville, entered the service August 14, being stationed at Camp Joseph Robinson since entering the army. Nolan has volunteered for the paratroop division and will soon be transferred to Ft. Benning, Georgia. Nolan, who was interested in basketball in the local high school, now captains one of the camp teams at Ft. Robinson. His address is Pvt. Nolan Rumple, 36910150, Co. F, 127th Bn., 80th Regt., I. R. T. C., Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Little Rock, Ark.
Contributed by Delaine Donaldson - The Independent Press (Griggsville, Illinois), December 27, 1944