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Pike County, Illinois

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Various Newspaper Gleanings

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Pittsfield West Side of Square

Pittsfield West Side of Square - Postcard from Carmen Megehe

Various News Articles Anti Slavery BAKER, Elliott - killed Elias Simpkins & Judge Hanged
"Backlog" as told by Sarah (Burlend) Allen Bank Robbery - Gun Fight Baptist Association - Golden Jubilee
BRADY, John - killed by D. Gates Seybold BROKAW, George - Shoots his son to save another son BUCHANAN, Fannie Guthrie Scrapebook
BYBEE, Marian - Wealthy Girl's Strange Plight Cincinnati Landing Tragedy Civil War Years in Griggsville - by J.G. Bonnell
CLARKSON Brothers - Freeze to death together DeHAVEN, George - Murder Divide the County?
FREEMAN, William S. (Retired) The Glass Slippers GORTON / Howlett Fight
GRESHAM, John Murdered - Bartholomew Barnes Hung HALL Children Dead of Burns HULL Cabin Relocated to Quinsippi Island
KERR, Richard and Abraham Lincoln KESTERSON, Berry - Killed in a Prospectors Feud KESTERSON, Peter - Injured by Wabash Train
KESTERSON - SUTTER - Attempted Murder LOGAN'S Labor of Love HARDY, Nettie Love - Murdered by Elmer Flowers WILLIAMS
JOHNSON, Henry C. - Lynching MOON - COFFMAN - Orchards MURDER - Who Were They?
Post Office Burgulary Wabash Track & Bridges Washed Away - 1899 RHODES, Mrs. Herbert - Suicide
Route 36 - New Life to Pittsfield SCRANTON, Wm. Thomas - 80th Birthday SEYBOLD, D. Gates - Convicted of Manslaughter
TAGGERT, Mrs. Charles TAYLOR Home Burns Train Hits Auto
Triplets - Arbegast/ Diehl/ Bloser/ Volunteers to Keep Train Going - (Highbert, Davis, Smith, Williams & Weeks) WALLING, Isaac - Last Veteran of the "Merrimac"
Various Artilces from Nebo Banner Newspaper WILSON, Joseph - 95 years old 91 yr. old Pike County Man
McEvers Celebrates 91st Birthday Prominent Citizen of Pike County Dies Bandstand Puzzle
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