Old Settlers Association, 19 August 1875

Contributed by Carman Megehe

Fourth Meeting: At the 4th annual meeting of the old settlers at Perry, Aug. 19, 1875, old-time customs were commemorated by the erection of a cabin complete in all its details. It looked as if a family had been living in it for years. Cooking utensils hanging around the wall, suspended on a string were slices of pumpkin and dried apples, corn hung from the posts, suspended by the husks, the rifle hung on the wooden hook over the door, the spinning wheel, the reel and the hand-cards occupied prominent positions; the mammoth gourd for a water bucket and the lesser one as a dipper attracted considerable attention. On the outside walls the skins of different fur-bearing animals were stretched; climbing vines were turned up to the roof, and the sunflower in all its magnificence nodded here and there close to the house, and last, but not least, the latch-string hung on the outside. The cabin was presided over during the early part of the day by Mr. Wm. Grotts, who entertained his visitors with his "fiddle," playing Arkansas traveler, Money Musk, Old Rosin the Bow," etc. Mr. Grotts was born in this State in 1802, in Madison county. His father was killed by Indians in Bond county in 1814.