Old Settlers Association, 30 August 1876

Contributed by Carman Megehe

Fifth Meeting: During the Old Settlers meeting at Griggsville, Aug. 30, 1876, they formed a procession in front of the M. E. Church, headed by an old truck wagon drawn by oxen, containing a band, the people being dressed in the Sunday attire of pioneer times, girls and boys riding double on horseback without saddles, showing how they went to church in olden times. This was one of the most attractive features of the procession, the young ladies especially conducting themselves with becoming grace, and appeared as if they were inspired with the spirit of their grandmothers. An old dilapidated wagon drawn by oxen was loaded with the old-fashioned loom, spinning wheel, flax wheel and reel, and an old plow was followed by most of our modern machinery in the shape of reapers, mowers, harrows, etc. After these a man dressed in Indian costume on his pony, ladies and gentlemen in modern style in buggy and carriages, the fire engine drawn by members of the base-ball clubs in uniform, and a modern child-wagon with children was drawn by a very small donkey.