Baldwin Pioneer Family

From Jess Thompson's Pike County History
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The wedding of Maria Jane Elledge and Lewis H. Baldwin on October 2, 1836 was the first one of record on what is known as Hinman Prairie. They began housekeeping in what is now Fairmount Twp., adjacent to the Hinman and Boone Elledge settlements. Later, ANdrew Alford Elledge, who married Alexander Elledge's widow, Amanda French Elledge, settled in the same neighborhood.

Five sons and four daughters wer born to the Lewis H. Baldwins. First of these was John Boone born April 11, 1838. He married Julia A. Reed December 2, 1859, with Judge Charles Harrington, Minister of the Perry Baptist church, officiating. She was a native of Taylorville, Ohio born May 28, 1839, a daughter of Wm. Reed, who married Miss Keziah Clark of PA. The parents came to Pike county early in the year 1859, in which Julia was married. William Reed died in August, 1878. The John Boone Baldwins had two children, namely Ellsworth, who is dead, and Jennie K. who on May 17, 1885 at Perry, married Uriah Hodges, a son of William A. Hodges and Rebecca Eleanor Elledge, she a daughter of old Uriah Elledge and Catharine Scott. John E. Morton, P.M., pereformed the ceremony. She was 23 and he 25 at the time of the wedding. They had three children - Alice, Helen and Scott Adams Hodges. Alice married James brown and resides in Banning CA. They have no children. Helen married Monta Sellards and lives in Oakland CA - no children. Scott married Elma Durr, daughter of Pike County John Durr, and lives in Bakersfield CA. They have three children, Lorene, Junior and Donald, all at home. Uriah Hodges died more than 40 years ago and Mrs. Hodges lives at Banning CA with her daughter, Mrs. ALice Brown. John Boon Baldwin, usually known as "Boone" Baldwin, was in the Civil War and was last heard of in the state of MO, whe he is believed to have died in March 1879. Julia (Reed) Baldwin died at Perry January 31, 1926 age 86y 8m 3d.

Charles Wesley Baldwin, second of the Lewis H. Baldwin children, was born January 25, 1840 and died July 21, 1842 in his third year - buried in Hinman cemetery.

Rebecca Jane Baldwin, the third child, was born January 26, 1842, married Silas Reed in Pike County Feb. 23, 1860, the Rev. Charles Harrington officiating. He was a brother of Julia A. Reed, who had married Rebecca's brother John Boone Baldwin in 1859. He was born in Clermont County OH October 1, 1831. Attending the common and graded schools of Clermont county, he entered an academy, later known as Clermont College. Coming to Pike County with his parents in 1859 he was engaged as a school teacher and bookkeeper for some time, later devoting himself to farming and then to a hotel business in Baylis. He and his wife had six children - William Lewis, Alva, Lillian Grace, RosettaJ., Roy and Harvey B. Reed.

William Lewis Reed, who went to Colorad and was at one time a barber in Denver was last heard of by his Pike county relatives in Seattle WA being then unmarried. Alva Reed died in Perry, unmarried about 1894. Grace Reed married David A. Schaffnit, Perry merchant, a son of Martin Schaffnit and Mary Lutz. They were married by the Rev. H.A. McKinney at Perry, December 17, 1890, with Martin Schaffnit and family witnessing. Mrs. Schaffnit died June 25, 1891 aged 19 and is buried at Perry.

Rosetta Reed married Ed Risley of Perry, a native of OH and a son of Eben Risley and Mary Miller. They were married in Fairmount Twp. Feb. 12, 1890 by Justice Thomas Hull with George Risley and Grace Reed witnessing. Thay had two children - Tracy A. and Allie Risley. Tracy married Joseph F. Daigh of Perry, son of Harrison Daigh and Margaret Turnere. They were married by Harry Willard at Perry, March 2, 1915 with Vada Yockey and Grace Daigh as witnesses. Thay have two daughters, Mary Frances and Joanna Daigh. They live in Los Angeles. Allie Risley was in the World War. He died in Portland OR and is buried there.

Roy Reed married Dora Conners a St. Louis girl, and she died, leaving 4 children. He lives in Seattle. Harvey B. Reed married Carrie E. Ewing of Baylis. They were married in the U nited Brethren parsonage in Baylis, Jan. 7, 1891 with Rev. H.F. Kline officiating, and John Ewing and Addie Tipton witnessing. She was a daughter of Alexander Ewing and Sarah C. Elder. Harvey Reed died at the Wm. Smith home in Perry as did his brother Alva. There were no children. Carrie Ewing Reed later married Tolbert Black and is now a resident of Clovis CA.

Silas Reed died January 8, 1903, 71y 4m 2d.

Sarah Ann Baldwin, fourth of the Baldwin children, was born Feb. 18, 1844 and died April 24, 1848. Buried in Hinman Cemetery.

James Lewis, the fifth child, was born April 21, 1846. His first wife was Amelia L. (Ella) Williams whom he married Aug. 22, 1872 and they had four children - Ida, Marshall L., Lavada and Fred H. Baldwin.

Ida Baldwin died, unmarried. Marshall L. Baldwin married his second cousin, Edith M. Elledge, daughter of James S. Elledge and Jennie Clark, and grandaughter of Thomas P. Elledge, who was a son of Boone and a brother of Maria Jane Baldwin. They were married at Perry Nov. 26, 1902 by Rev. Warren W. Drake. He was 28, she 21. They reside in Blackwell OK and have 3 children - Bertha Louise, Clark Frederick and Mary Frances. Bertha Louise married Leo H. Helm and they reside in St. Joseph MO - no children. Clark Frederick and Mary Frances are at home.

Lavada Baldwin married Edward C. Yockey of Perry at the Baldwin residence Nov. 17, 1897, Rev. G.W. Flagg officiating. Witnesses were Edna R. and Mary G. Schaffnit. Vada Baldwin was for a long time the organist at the now vanished Asbury meetinghouse, once rival of Hinman Chapel. Mr. and Mrs. yockey removed to CA and there Mr. Yockey died. Mrs. Yockey resides in Los Angeles with her one daughter, Mrs. Luella Herron; who is a teacher in the Los Angeles schools.

Fred H. Baldwin, fourth and last child of James Lewis and Ella (Williams) Baldwin, married Miss E. May Cory of Tempest Nov. 28, 1900, with Robert B. Irwin the officiating minister. She was a daughter of George W. Cory and Cyntha Six. Lulu C. White and M.L. Baldwin witnessed the marriage. The Badlwins formerly residents of Fairmoutn Twp. now live near Palmyra MO. They have four children, Warren, Lewis , Dorothy and Robert.

Warren Baldwin married Helen Dixon and they live in Peoria where he is chemist for the Caterpillar Tractor Co. Lewis Baldwin married Marinda Tedrow, daughter of Farris Tedrow and Vina Collins and they live on South Prairie, in norhern Pike County. Dorothy has been employed as teacher at Bradbury Grove in Griggsville Twp. Robert married Glenna Cooley of Perry, daughter of Clyde & Vera (Zimmerman) Cooley. They were married in Pittsfield by Rev. Robert C. Calderwood of the Pittsfield M.E. Church Oct. 17, 1936 with Virginia Eddy and Mrs. Dorcas Calderwood witnessing. They reside north of Perry.

James Lewis Baldwin's first wife died, and on Nov. 14, 1912 at Perry, he married Mrs. Essie (Vertrees) Stewart, widow of Irving Stewart. Essie Ida Vertrees was a daughter of Jacob C. & Julia Ann (Rusk) Vertrees. She was born north of Perry April 2, 1876. The Rev. G.G. Maple performed the ceremony, witnessed by Frank & Cora ZImmerman, the latter (Mrs. Frank O. Zimmerman of Pittsfield) being a sister of the bride, as was also Mrs. Anna Vertrees Noble, wife of Ernest Noble of Brown county. The second Mrs. Baldwin died Sept. 11, 1909, buried at McCord Cemetery at Perry. James L. Baldwin died near Beverly in Adams County in 1926. In his home in addition to his own children was raised a grandaughter of Rebecca Baldwin Reed, Tracy Risley, who married Joseph Daigh.

Elizabeth Julia Baldwin, sixth of of Lewis & Maria (Elledge) Baldwin was born Oct. 14, 1848, married William Joseph Gray of Perry, Feb. 28, 1878. He was a son of Benj. E. Gray and Lutetia McKinley. They had 8 children - Clista Alma, Edith Maria, James William, Gertrude Penelope, Harry Elliott, Blanche Fern, Bertha Glenna and Carrie Delphine Gray.

Clista Gray died in Jan. 1931. Edith Gray died May 6, 1890 age 9; she is buried at Hinman. James William Gray married Grace Cockill of Perry Jan. 6, 1909 a daughter of Charles Harvey & Luella (Armentrout) Cockill. They were married by Arthur S. Chapman of the Pittsfield M.E. Church with J. Clark Cockill and harry Gray as witnesses. They reside in Hannibal and have a son Charles Gray.

Gertrude Gray married Wlater Lipeamon of Perry Feb. 28, 1912 with Rev. R.L. Shores officiating, witnessed by Harry Gray and Anna Seybold. They resided at Pittsfield. She died Dec. 16, 1932. Mr. Lipcamon is now a resident of Hannibal.

Harry E. Gray married his first wife Anna Seybold, a native of Fish Hook, and a daughter of George W. Seybold and Mary Gardner on Aug. 29, 1912. Mr. Gray's second marriage was to Laura Pugh of Colorado. They reside in San Diego CA.

Blanche Gray married Samuel S. White of Perry Sep. 2, 1915 by W.G. Hamilton with Wm. Gray and MRs. E. hamilton witnesses. The groom was a son of Joseph & Ida (Davis) White. They livein Hannibal and have three children - Nellie, Harold and Ray, the latter two at home. Nellie married Ira Sellers and resides in Hannibal.

Bertha Gray married Lawrence Harvey Feb. 24, 1927, they have a beautiful home in Griggsville. Several records quoted in this history are kept by this great grandaughter of Pioneer Boone and Rebecca Elledge.

Carrie Gray married Floyd Henderson Phillips of Griggsville Feb. 26, 1914. The groom was a native of Fairmount Twp. a son of S.G. Phillips. The Grays have three living children - Gilbert, Warren and Robert all at home. A child, William died at the age of five and another Leah age four. One child died in infancy.

Grace Abigail Baldwin, seventh of the Lewis Baldwin children, born Jan. 7, 1851 married Wm. Hesley Smith Oct. 12, 1876 by Rev. A.C. Adams. They had four children - Alice, Charles, Winifred and Percy Smith.

Alice Smith married Joe M. Witham at Perry Dec. 9, 1896. He was a son of George W. Witham adn Mary A. Downer. A child died in infancy, the mother is also dead.

Charles Smith married Elma Angelo of Jacksonville and they had 3 children - Pauline, Harold and Billy. Pauline married a Lacy and lives in Long Beach CA as do also her parents and brothers.

Winifred Smith married Walter McAdam of Chicago and they live in Philadelphia PA - no children.

Percy Smith married Nola Ingalls a daughter of Walter C. Ingalls of Perry and Mrs. Anna (Dorsey) Gregory, and a grandaughter of Boone Elledge's brother William Elledge, pioneer of the Scott County region who died at Jacksonville in 1830. Mr. and Mrs. Smith have one son Gordon W. Smith who married June Kurfman of Perry a daughter oBurlend Curfman. Mr. and Mrs. Smith live in the Shady Dell neighborhood.

Thomas Henry Baldwin, eights child of Lewis Baldwin was born Dec. 2, 1853 and died March 6, 1857, buried at Hinman Cemetery.

David Samuel Baldwin, eighth and last child of Lewis Badlwin was born Aug. 25, 1856. He married Martha J. Harris Aug. 24, 1876. They had one son, Leon whose last known address was Kansas City MO. In David's veins coursed the hunting blood of his Boone ancestors and like Daniel in the Kentucky wildeerness he was a great hunter. He died from a gunshot wound sustained whengetting into a wagon Oct. 24, 1878. His son Leon was then about 1 year old. David is buried in Hinman Cemetery, being only 22 when he died.

Lewis H. Baldwin died in his Fairmoutn home March 6, 1883. According to the inscription on his tombstone he was 71 years, three months and 15 days; according to his death certificate he was 72y 3m adn 20 days.. His widow, the only daughter of Boone and Rebecca Elledge, continuing to reside in the Fiarmount home, survived until Feb. 7, 1908, passing away at the age of 92y 2m 23d. A twin monument in Hinman cemetery marks the graves of Maria Jane and her husband. Nearby are the graves of her parents, Boone & Rebecca Elledge; also the grave ofher noted pioneer aunt, Tabitha Beall, who had been the wife of Boone Elledge's brother William.

Records of old Asbury Sunday school contain the names of a number of the Baldwins and their kin. In 1885, Harvey Reed, a son of Rebecca Jane Baldwin and Silas Reed, as secretary of the Sunday School was the keeper of its records. He was succeeded in 1886 by Robert Osborne, Ella Baldwin, the wife of James Lewis Baldwin, was then a teacher in the Sunday school of which E.F. Rush was superintendent. In 1894, an old record shows that Ella Baldwin was still a teacher,a s was her husband, James L. Baldwin. Vada Baldwin was then organist, and James Lewis Baldwin chorister. Tracy Risley was in Ella Baldwin's class and Marshall Baldwin in George Parker's. Vada and Ida Baldwin had Mrs. Kate Rush for teacher.

The old Sunday school record in the latter 1850's lists the following amont the male scholars, in the hand of Robert Osborne: Alva Reed, Willie Reed, Sam hammitt, Frank Snowhill, Elsie Baldwin, Henry Ellis, Harvey McLaughlin, Albert McLaughlin, Jake Firth, Ham Mikesell, Marshall Baldwin, Bert Williams, French Mikesell, Ike Gorbett, Abbie Law, John Beeman, john McLaughlin, Rob McLaughlin, Jerome Rush, Frank parker, John Williams, James Baldwin, Cyrus Rush, Dolph McLaughlin.

Female scholars were: Sarah McLaughlin, Mary McLaughlin, Maggie Williams, Minnie Krentler, Clara Stokesberry, Rose Reed, Lucy Rush, Mrs. Jane Baldwin, Mrs. Stoughton, Nancy McLaughlin, Lida and Lettie McLaughlin; Nettie Snowhill, Lula McLaughlin, Anna Rush, Lizzie Elledge, Ettie Triplett, Kate McLaughlin, vinie Medaris, Ettie Kaylor, Ada McLaughlin, Sadie Chamberlain, Annie Sweeting, Maud Baldwin, Grace Reed, Bertha Rush, Sallie Rush, Lizzie Ellis, Rose Ellis, Emily Rush, Alice Smith, Mina McLaughlin.

Male teachers were William Stoughton and George Parker; female teacher were Mrs. S.C. Rush, Kate Rush, Ida Williams, Nancy McLaughlin, Anna Rush, Ella Baldwin and Maria rush.

So stood the roll of old Asbury a half century ago. Asbury church, as well as Hinman Chapel which it attempted to supplant, have both vanished, as have many of the worshipers of those early years.