Blacketer - Chaplin Pioneer Family

Information and Photos by Thelma McGraw
Divider Line Levi and Linnie (Walker) Chaplin
Levi and Linnie (Walker) Chaplin
Divider Line John Henry Blacketer
John Henry Blacketer
16 Feb 1806 - 13 Jul 1884
Married Frances Edna Hammer
Arrived in Pike County about 1830-50. Raised a family in Time
Divider Line Linnie (Walker) Chaplin Howe
Linnie (Walker) Chaplin Howe mother of Thelma Irene (Chaplin) Blacketer
Divider Line Marvon and Thelma Irene (Chaplin) Blacketer
Marvon and Thelma Irene (Chaplin) Blacketer
Children Ilah, Ella May and Carl Houston Blacketer
Marvon Houston Sylvester Blacketer 15 Dec 1900 - 16 Jul 1978
Ilah Virginia Blacketer Garner 1 Jul 1926 - 30 May 2005
Carl Houston Blacketer 21 Sep 1923 - 23 Apr 2004
Divider Line Ilah, Marvon and Carl Blacketer 1973 Reunion
Ilah, Marvon and Carl Blacketer 1973 Reunion
Divider Line Ilah, Marvon and Carl Blacketer 1973 Reunion
The Blacketer Family 1960
Back left: Marvon Houston Sylvester Blacketer
Middle row: Marva Blacketer (Hurst) age 6 daughter of Marvon
Ilah Virginia Blacketer Garner daughter of Marvon
Jennie Hoadley Garner mother of Loren Garner
Loren Garner husband to Ilah
Carl Houston Blacketer son of Marvon
Front row: Debbie Garner (Fitzpatrick) dau. Of Loren and Ilah
Daniel Blacketer (son of Carl)
Sharon Garner ( Strauss) dau of Loren and Ilah
All that have died are buried at Samuel Taylor cemetery
Divider Line James and Stella (Payton) Grimsley
James and Stella (Payton) Grimsley
Divider Line Daughters of James and Stella Grimsley
Daughters of James and Stella Grimsley
Back: Mary Grimsley Sudduth Pitzer, Dorothy Grimsley Griffeth
Marjorie Grimsley Blacketer, Lillie Grimsley Malone Wilcox
Front: - Martha Grimsley Windmiller Ogle (standing), Clara Grimsley Brobst
Marie Grimsley Westfall Mollring
Divider Line Foundation Mary Jane
Stella's mother was Mary Jane (Loutzenhizer) Payton. She was one of the 1st telephone operators in Pike County. She had the office in her home so she work and be athome. It sat over a creek in Rockport, Illinois. The house was moved off the creek next to it and it is still part of the house to the right of the site. Part of the foundation is still there though. I understand part of the wall where the telephone equipment was is still in the house.
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