Hawes Pioneer Family

Contributed by Katie O'Ferrall
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William Hawes
William Hawes (3 Jun 1826 - 21 Apr 1900)
Was a carpenter by trade did a lot of work in Chicago. He built his own home in Pike County
Divider Line Susan Jane (Offutt) Hawes(young)
Susan Jane (Offutt) Hawes - at a young age
Susan Jane (Offutt) Hawes(older)
Susan Jane (Offutt) Hawes - last photo taken of her
18 Dec 1838 KY - 24 Mar 1925, New Salem, IL., DC# 9928
Her grandson Charlie O'Toole was the informant. Burial in Gray Cem. 26 Mar 1925
Divider Line Ida Celey (Hawes) Patterson
Ida Celey (Hawes) Patterson b abt 1861 married Thomas (James) Patterson
Divider Line Lida (Hawes) OToole
Lida (Hawes) O"Toole b abt 1863 married James O'Toole
Divider Line Mary Jane Hawes
Mary Jane Hawes b. abt 1865
Mary Jane Hawes
Mary Jane Hawes - with her husband Sam Smith
Parents of Dewey, Raye and Lesley
Divider Line Dewey Smith(young)
Dewey Smith -- Young child
Dewey Smith(young boy)
Dewey Smith -- Young boy
Dewey Smith(young man)
Dewey Smith -- Young man
Divider Line Leola Hawes
Leola Hawes - Age 1
Leola Hawes
Leola (Hawes) Calvert - b. 26 April 1881 d. 28 Jan 1958
Married James Edward Calvert -- moved to OK = one daughter Lula May Calvert
Leola is Great Grandmother of Katie O'Ferrall
Divider Line William O'Toole
William O'Toole
Will and Viola O'Toole
Will and Viola O'Toole
Divider Line William O'Toole
Daughter of Wm. O'Toole
William O'Toole
Wm. O'Toole's wife Viola