Catharine Christine Metzgar Pioneer Family

Contributed by Leslie Morris
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Catharine (Metzgar) Morgan
Catharine (Metzgar) Morgan and early owner of the Mansion House (with her sisters)
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Harry and Vashti (or) Isabelle Jacques - Two Children of Catharine's
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The obituary of Catherine Christine (Metzgar) Jacques Holt Morgan tells a beautiful story about a very special lady

Funeral of Well Known Business Woman Held Here Yesterday

Mrs. Walter Morgan, 71, passed away at 12:10 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Truman Allen, at 4518 Shenandoah Avenue, St. Louis. Her death, while not unexpected, came sooner than her family and friends had anticipated. Just a week before she had been taken from her apartment at the Mansion House to the daughter's home. Specialists made a specific examination and reported that since surgery could not benefit the malignant abdominal trouble from which she suffered, there was no need for her to remain in the hospital. She had been failing in health for more than a year, and before she left Pittsfield had arranged the details of her funeral service. On Friday evening, Mrs. Morgan became much worse. Her husband and son, Claud Jacques, of this city were notified and went at once to St. Louis. She knew them and visited with them for a while but lapsed into unconsciousness before the arrival of her son, Harry Jacques, of Boone, Iowa, Sunday morning.

The body was brought to the Plattner chapel Sunday evening. Funeral services were held there at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon in charge of Rev. R. E. Booker. Miss Vida Nightbert sang "Shadows" and "The City Four-Square." A wealth of beautiful floral pieces expressed the sorrow and sympathy of her many friends. Casket bearers were Clarence Halbauer, Otto Gicker, Leslie Foreman, Judge Lee Capps, Otis Hesley, and Lloyd Perryman. The body was laid to rest in Pleasant Grove cemetery beside the graves of a son and daughter.

Catherine Christine Metzgar was born Dec. 21, 1862, in Williamsport, Pa., the oldest child of John Adam and Hannah Lusch Metzgar. She was a baby when her parents moved to Pike County where, after a short residence on a farm near Honey Creek, they bought the farm which is now the John Gresham place, north of town. There were three daughters and two sons in the Metzgar family. The daughters, Mrs. Barbara Brant of Texas, Mrs. Ed Willsey and Mrs. Morgan of Pittsfield, have all passed away within about two years, dying about a year apart. The two sons, John F. and George Metzgar, live close to Pittsfield.

In young womanhood, the deceased became the wife of Frank Jacques of Griggsville, and they were the parents of two sons and a daughter:

Isabelle, who died in girlhood, Harry of Iowa and Claud of Pittsfield. After Mr. Jacques' death, his widow married James Holt, and to them were born one son, George, who died eight years ago, and one daughter, Vashti, wife of Truman Allen of St. Louis. Following the death of Mr. Holt, she united in marrige on September ___, 1904 to Walter Morgan, who survives her. No children were born of this union.

Two years after their marriage they took over the management of the Mansion House, on the south side of the square, which Mrs. Morgan had conducted ever since, while Mr. Morgan operated his jewelry store. To the Mansion House, besides the regular guests, a host of people "down on their luck" found their way. Mrs. Morgan housed and fed them - no one was ever turned away hungry or without shelter, simply because there was no money to pay. Those who knew her charities best were reminded of the lines: "Who gives himself with his alms feeds three - himself, the hungering one and Me." That she was often imposed upon never caused her to withhold charity from the next comer.

Life on this earth to Mrs. Morgan meant a preparation for a better life to come. For several years she had been an ardent believer in Christian Science, and in its largest sense she tried to pattern her daily life after its precepts. She never uttered an un-charitable word. Expressions of praise and affection for this good woman have been on everyone's lips since her passing. As one business man expressed his appreciation of her kindness: "She mothered us all."

In the past months when her physical sufferings would have proved unbearable to most of us, Mrs. Morgan bore up with fortitude and that constant belief that what came to her was by divine direction. Hers was a sublime faith, workable and enduring. She would not have had those who loved her grieve for her passing, but she would be content to know how many of us miss her today - and will miss her in days to come.

Besides her husband and children, there are two grandsons and three granddaughters who mourn a most devoted grandmother.

Relatives and friends from a distance who came to attend the funeral included Mrs. Maud Holt Dorsey, a niece, and Mrs. Dorothy Appel of Hanibal; Mrs. Hazel Willsey of Pleasant Hill, a niece; Mr. and Mrs. Truman Allen, son-in-law and daughter, and Mrs. Edna Jacques, a daughter-in-law, of St. Louis; Harry Jacques of Boone, Iowa, a son; Wike Allen, Russell and Dorothy Jacques of St. Louis, grandchildren; Miss Minnie Butterfield of Griggsville. Mrs. Harry Jacques, daughter-in-law, and her twin daughters, grand-daughters of Mrs. Morgan, are visiting in Birmingham, Ala., and could not be present for the services.

Business houses in Pittsfield closed during the hour of the funeral services as a mark of respect. One of the numerous floral pieces was sent from merchants around the square. A truckload of lovely flowers came from St. Louis relatives and friends.

Died 18 November 1934 - per Death Cert. 4518 A Shenandoah Ave. St. Louis MO

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The elderly woman in each photo is Catherine Christine Metzgar (Jacques Holt Morgan). In the photo that has another adult, that lady is Vashti Holt Allen, Catherine Christine's daughter. The two children are Catherine Christine Jacques and Charlotte Vashti Jacques - taken in 1934, the twins that are mentioned in the obituary, as not being able to attend because they were visiting family with their mother in Alabama. Leslie believes that both of these photoes were taken behind the Mansion House.
Catherine Christine Metzgar