Nathan Phillips Pioneer Family

Contributed by Gene Clark
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Dr. Nathan and Nancy (ELLEDGE) PHILLIPS were the third family to come to Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois, arriving there October 22, 1828.

In War of 1812 records for Nathan PHILLIPS, widow's land bounty claims sheet, 24 September 1861, Pike County, Illinois; Nancy PHILLIPS, age 73, a resident of Peytons, Illinois, being duly sworn according to law; declared she is the widow of Nathan PHILLIPS; that her husband entered the service at Fayette County, Kentucky; that her husband died at Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois, 17 October 1852; that she was married to said Nathan PHILLIPS in the County of Bath, State of Kentucky, 12 December 1818, by Joseph HARPER, Clergyman;. that her name before her marriage was Nancy ELLEDGE; that she believes there is no public or private record of her marriage;. she further says that there are eye witnesses to her marriage now living, viz: Jesse ELLEDGE, Winchester, Scott County, Illinois and Malinda JACKSON, New Canton, Pike County, Illinois. (National Archives Record) In an Archives record, Nancy PHILLIPS states that said discharge was. destroyed by fire in the burning of the house of said Nathan PHILLIPS about 15 February 1829.

In THE INDEPENDENT PRESS, Griggsville, Illinois, Wednesday, February 20, 1901, interview with Mr. E.M. (Edward M.) PHILLIPS, born Winchester, Scott County, Kentucky, 22 December 1820, it states "he came to this county October 22, 1828 with his father, Dr. Nathan PHILLIPS."

From the record of diary of Peter SCHOLL (son of Marthy ELLEDGE), 1809-1872, MSS 40013, Oregon Historical Society:

Frances ELLEDGE, born Feburary 18, 1756, died August 18, 1829, age 77 years

Charty ELLEDGE, born October 4, 1760, died April 7, 1843, age 84 years.

Mary ELLEDGE, born September 19, 1777, died September, 1826, age 49, married a Rabin AILCORN

James ELLEDGE, born October 1779, died 1856, age 71, married twice

Ben ELLEDGE, born June 12, 1782, died 1853, age 71, married and raised a large family

Boon ELLEDGE, born June 24, 1783, died June 4, 1841, married Rebeck BELL, died age 58.

Marthy ELLEDGE, born July 26, 1786, died August 11, 1846, age 60 (mother of Peter SCHOLL)

Nancy ELLED3E, October 4, 1788 married a Nathen PHILLIPS

Edward ELLEDGE married a Malinda SCHOLL, born September 30, 1791 (sister to my father), died September 12, 1839, age 38

Charty ELLEDGE, born May 4, 1794, married a Jessy SCHOLL, my father's brother. Jess B, SCHOLL died 1858

William ELLEDGE, born June 12, 1797, married a Rebeck BELL, died Nov. 13, 1831, age 33

Jesse ELLEDGE, born August 12, 1800, married a Elizabeth PHILLIPS

Jamima ELLEDGE, born September 19, 1803, married a Richard BELL

Nimrod H. PHILLIPS, born Griggsvil]e, Pike County, Illinois, June 17, 1829, made his last trip to Pike County in the summer of 1895 to visit his brothers, Edward M. "King"

Francis A., William B., and "Coke" Thomas C. He died September 12, 1898, Oklahoma Strip.
My father, S.S. PHILLIPS, born January 29, 1876, on the homestead of his father, Francis H.
PHILLIPS, Barton County, Kansas, made the covered wagon trip with his grandfather.

** "A little green tent" in the fold of early day Bethel Church, is marked with a tall, stately stone. The inscription reads: Francis A. PHILLIPS, 44th Illinois Infantry, death January 12, 1898. His obituary, the Resolution of Respect by W.W.H. Lawton Post No. 438 signed by Edward McALLISTER, Joseph SHINN, and J.A. CRAWFORD attests he was held in high esteem. He was born in Clark County, Kentucky, 12 December 1824 to Griggsville with his parents, Dr. Nathan and Nancy PHILLIPS, October 22, 1828, when there were only two houses at Griggaville. He was a resident of Griggsville over 69 years. He married Mary ELLIOTT March 19, 1849. Children Maria, Marthy, Benjamin, Newton, and August.

The Fall 1975 issue of the ILLINOIS STATE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY included the article Early Settlement of Griggsville, taken from THE INDEPENDENT PRESS, Griggsville, Illinois, Wednesday, February 20, 1901, interview with Mr. E.M. PHILLIPS, great grandson of Edward BOONE, younger brother of Daniel BOONE, The following article presents data on the family of Mr. E. M. (Edward N.) PHILLIPS who gave the interview to the newspaper, THE INDEPENDENT PRESS. There seems to be nothing written on this early Pike County family.