Charles Marion Waggoner Pioneer Family

Contributed by Charlotte Waggoner Block
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Charles Marion Waggoner
Charles Marion Waggoner with wife Martha Elizabeth (Miller) and their 2 sons, Ethan and Roy

Charles Marion Waggoner, son of "David" Daniel and Amanda (Fosterborn) Waggoner in Martinsburg, Illinois about 1860, died on 27th December 1932 in Tonkawa, Oklahoma. He and his wife Martha Elizabeth (Miller) Waggoner was the daughter of J. J. W. Miller (from NC) and Lydia(Lyda) Waters. Both Charles and Martha are buried at the Blackwell Cemetery in Blackwell, Oklahoma.

Charles Marion Waggoner lived in Martinsburg, Pike County IL until 1884. On 22nd September 1884, he left with his young wife of just 5 months, for Burden Kansas. The route was by way of Sedalia, Mo., Lousiana (now Arrow Rock), Mo and Rockport. On 16th October 1884, they arrived in Burden, Kansas and stayed a week with a family by the name of A.T. Sitton.

On 2nd February 1885, his first son Roy Estis Waggoner was born. On 10th February 1887, his second son Ethan Esley Waggoner was born. Later, on 22nd January 1895, his last child, a daughter, Gertrude Waggoner was born. She married a man by the name of White from Dallas.

From Kansas, Charles Marion Waggoner crossed into what was later to be Kay Co, in Oklahoma - this was with the Land Run of 1893. This family had claim Section 23-1E Round Township. His wife (also from Martinsburg), born in 1863 had the maiden name Miller, her father being J.J. W. Miller from North Carolina and had something to do with river boats.

Charles Marion Waggoner has relatives who remained in the area of Martinsburg and are buried in the Waggoner Cemetery there. His son Ethan married Flora Effie Garrett from the Moultrie Co area - Flo's mom was Nancy Armantrout who died when Flora was 15. Flo's dad was Mack Arthur Garrett. He remarried after the death of Nancy Armantrout.

Divider Line with nephew Charles Everett York
Charles Marion Waggoner with nephew Charles Everett York, visiting on the claim in OK
Divider Line Charles Marion Waggoner with horse
Charles Marion Waggoner with horse "Old Doll"
He rode into what is now Kay County OK on this horse.
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Martha Elizabeth (Libby) (Miller) Waggoner
Divider Line with nephew Charles Everett York
Charles and Martha with their nephew Charles Everett York on land claim
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Flora (Garrett) Waggoner wife of Ethan Esley Waggoner
(Son of Charles and Martha) with her mother-in-law.
Flora was the daughter of Mac Arthur and Nancy (Armantrout) Garrett.
Flora was sent to an aunt in Ponca City, OK after her mother died.