Wells Pioneer Family

Photo and Information from Shelley Cardiel
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Wells Family Portrait

The Wells Family Portrait includes Sam, R.F. Jr., R.F. Sr., and Mabel. The photograph was taken at the S. B. Graham Studio in Corvallis, Oregon and includes the date 1888? Including the "?". The three children in the photograph appear to range in age from 4 - 12 years of age. Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding this family:

Richard Franklin WELLS Sr. was b. 19 Nov 1850 in Pleasant Hill, IL to parents George Andrew WELLS (b. 1830 in MO) and Henrietta Louisa TURNER (b. 1841 in VA). Richard married Emily "Emma" Arathusa COLLINS (b. Feb 1851 in Polk Co. OR) on 19 Oct 1873 in Polk Co. OR. The couple had 5 children including, Samuel B.; George W.; Mabel Emily; Richard Franklin Jr.; and Fred Alexander WELLS, all born in Polk Co. OR between 1875 and 1887. Emily died 5 Jun 1887 in Oregon and on 17 Oct 1888 Richard Sr. married Harriet or Hattie CLAGGETT in Polk Co. OR. Richard Sr. died 17 Aug 1938 in San Francisco, CA.

Children -
1. Samuel B. WELLS b. 28 Aug 1875 in Monmouth, OR and d. 27 Jan 1890.

2. Richard Franklin WELLS b. 9 Dec 1882 in Buena Vista, OR, married Frances Josephine BANGS (b. 9 Mar 1883 in Modesto, CA) on 14 Apr 1904 in Modesto, CA. The couple had 3 children including, Marcellyn Emily; Frances Josephine; and Mabel Eleonor WELLS, all born in Modesto, CA between 1906 and 1910. Richard died 14 Feb 1980 in Inglewood, CA.

3. Mabel Emily WELLS b. 4 Jan 1881 in OR married W. F. WILLET or WELLETT on 14 Apr 1904 and together they had two children, Donald F.; and Paula Marsh WILLET born in CA. The couple divorced sometime before 1930 and Mabel died 25 Feb 1953 in Alameda Co. CA.

Census records include the following information:
1870 census of Monmouth, OR:
George A. WELLS, age 40, a Farmer, born MO
Henrietta WELLS, age 39, Keeping House, born VA
Richard WELLS, age 19, at School, born IL
Mary WELLS, age 16, at School, born OR
Sarah WELLS, age 15, at School, born OR
William WELLS, age 11, born OR
Perry WELLS, age 9, born OR
George WELLS, age 6, born OR
Emma WELLS, age 3, born OR

1880 census of Monmouth, OR:
Richard WELLS, age 29, born MO, a Farmer, Mother born IL
Emma A. WELLS, wife, age 29, born OR, Keeping House, parents born VA/KY
Samuel B. WELLS, son, age 5, born OR
George W. WELLS, son, age 2, born OR
Samuel COLLINS, other, age 26, born OR, a Farm Laborer, parents born VA/KY
+ 3 Farm Laborers

1900 census of Middle Independence, OR:
Mabel E. WELLS, age 19, born Jan 1881, no children, born OR, parents born MO/OR

1910 census of Modesto Township, CA:
Richard F. WELLS, age 27, m 5 years, b OR, parents b OR, a Lumber Yard Bookkeeper
Frances Y. WELLS, wife, 27, m 5 yrs, 2 children/2 living, born CA, parents born Mexico/Scotland
Marcellyn WELLS, dau, age 3, born CA
Josephine WELLS, dau, age 1 year + 9 months, b CA
One Family Servant

1920 census of Turlock, CA:
Richard WELLS, age 37, born OR, parents born IL/OR, a Lumber Co. Proprietor
Frances WELLS, wife, age 36, born CA, parents born Mexico/Scotland
Marselyn WELLS, dau, age 13, born CA
Josephine WELLS, dau, age 11, born CA
Mabel WELLS, dau, age 10, born CA