Barry Schools

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Barry Public School - Centennial 1874-1974
Postcard contributd by Corinne Palko
Divider Line Barry School 1912
Barry School Photo - Contributed by Janet Hinch
1912 Barry 1st Grade - (Teacher) Alta McIntire
Divider Line Barry School 1918
Barry School Photo - Contributed by Billie Browning
Barry School 1918, 2nd Grade, Gertrude Robb (teacher)
Back row L-R: Barbara Lee Snider, Neal Howlin, Gertrude Robb (teacher), Ruth Dudley, Louise Funk, Bill Hoskins

Middle Row row L-R: Ethel Hall, Wilma Hendricks, Grace Nye, Opal Buffington, Mildred Arnold, Grace Nichols, Ellen E. Davis, Helen Parks

Front Row L-R: ? Gordon, Junior Kinney, Ted Parrack, Beatty McDonald Divider Line Barry School 1918-8th Grade
Barry School Photo - Contributed by Billie Browning
Barry School 1918, 8th Grade, Teacher Doug McIntire
Back row L-R: Russell Evans, Raymond Powell, Arthur Hendricks, (Glen) Arthur Hays, (Fat) Ted Forshey, Arthur Gibson, Bert Whittikend, Fay McAtee

Middle Row row L-R: Joy Nations, Lida Kistner, Jenny Gleckler, Dough McIntire (Teacher), Irene Childress, Pearl Gibson

Front Row L-R: Frank Barnes, Howard Strubinger, John McTucker, Howard Blair, Eugene Wendorff, Bob Cook Divider Line Barry School 1919-5th Grade
Barry School Photo - Contributed by Billie Browning
Miss Lightle, 5th Grade, 1919
# 19 is Ed Staggs
Divider Line Barry School 1924
Barry School Photo - Contributed by Billie Browning
Barry School 1924, Gertrude Robb (teacher)
Back row L-R: Bill Watson, Lendon Quincy, Don Hoskins, William Means, Charles Stevenson, Hugh Hurt, Dick Hively, John Gates (Teacher) Gertrude Robb

Middle Row row L-R: Howard Gallagher, Eldon Sanders, Fern Miller, Hester Miller, Vera Sederwall, Myron Hurt, Tommy Staggs, Marshal Grammer, Norton Walther, Fred Sykes

Front Row L-R: Bethel Hinch, Pat Berry, Phillip Hamilton, Ella Lee Myers, Dorothy Hoover, Florine Brown, Bernice Sessel, Glenna Ruth Hart, Edna Barnes, Margie Bullock, Velva Sanders, Tom McVay Divider Line Unknown School in Barry
Barry School Photo - Contributed by Margaret Rutledge
Brett Watson, Grandfather of Margaret Rutledge, was born in 1881.
He looks to be about 10 years old here?
He is in Row 3-2nd Person.
Simon Smith was the Principal.
1st row: 1 - Mabel Edom, 2 - Wilma Young?, 3 - Verna Hustead?, 4 - Sue Johnson Nemaria, 5 - Marie Brown, 6 - Roy McIntire, 7 - Otto Gauble, 8 - Bert Lietman, 9 - Ralph Clark, 10 - Frank Retallie, 11 - Prof Hoague

2nd Row -1 - nothing written, 2 - ? McWhorter? 3 & 4- nothing written, 5- Joe McFarland, 6 - Jennie Elder Jone Ed, 7 - Lena Graves, 8 - Julia Breeden, 9 - Willie Lewis

3rd row - 1- Clarence Davis, 2 - Brett Watson, 3 - Bertha Haines Connor, 4 - Edna Osborne, 5 - nothing written, 6 - Sam Sessel, 7 - nothing written, 8 - Joe Hurt, 9 - Nell Kimball, 10 - Mike ?, 11 - Vie Hohnson

4th Row - 1- Harry Hake, 2-6 nothing written, 7 - Zoe Chamberlain, 8- nothing written, 9 - Mary Hall Triplett, 10 - nothing written, 11 - Dr. Chas. Johnson, 12 - nothing written, 13 - Mort McClain

5th row - 1 - Mo Iterman, janitor, 2 - Simon Smith, Principal, HS, 3 - Henry Jones

Thankfully someone wrote the names on the back of the picture. All 5 rows L to R