Black Oak School

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Barry Public School - Centennial 1874-1974
Black Oak School 1910
Contributed by Carmen Megehe by Helen Antrobus
Divider Line Black Oak School, Dist. # 98, Martinsburg Twsp. - 1910
Students of Black Oak School, are not all identified. The teacher was Guy Briscoe, the first person standing on the left in the third row from the front. The only student identified as to location is Leona Capps (Baughman) sixth from the left in front row. Other students known to be in the group are Helen Capps, McKinley Capps, Fannie Griffith, Lizzie Mitchell, Ava Ator, Ina Ator, Wayne Ator, Mary Griffith and Berth Collins.There is a possibility that there is also another teacher in the group as it is rather a large group of students for just one teacher. Original Picture contributed by Mrs. Mabel (Baughman) McConnell, daugher of Mrs. Leona (Capps) Baughman) Helen Antrobus has identified a few more: The 1st little girl, front row from the right, is my mother, "Mary Moleta Houchins". The boy 4th from the right, front row, is my uncle, "Earl R. Houchins", his nickname was Ted. There parents ,Abner C. and Louvalia (Dow) Houchins. Guy Briscoe was a first cousin to Louvalia. Nora Guthrie was also a cousin. Thomas Briscoe was Louvalia's uncle. Dena Houchins (father was Joel Houchins) married William Fast. I think they had one daughter. There was a Rowley that married an Ator, I think it was a sister to Sarah (Rowley) Houchins.
"No one saves us but ourselves; No one can and no one may, We ourselves must walk the Path, Teachers merely show the way." ---- Nancy Wilson Ross

Divider Line Black Oak School 1943
Black Oak School 1943
Contributed by John Thomas / Billie Browning
Divider Line Black Oak School, Dist. # 98, Martinsburg Twsp. - 1943
Front row left to right: Allen Emert - Johnny Davis - Charles Prater - Wilma Stewart
Second row left to right: Patsy Davis - Velma Prater - June Rodhouse - Lucille Prater
Third row left to right: Allen Moore - R.D. Motley - Lindsay Ray Sapp - Mary Emma Long - Joyce Stewart
Teacher: Bessie Griffith