Brush College - District #49, Griggsville Township

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Contributed by Delaine Donnelson

School Report about Brush College school, Pike County, Illinois, From the Independent Press 11/24/09

J. S. Dimmitt brought in an old school report of Brush College, property of T. S. Dimmitt, his father.
First term held at Brush College, Feb. 2 to Apr. 4, 1857.
Calvin Greenleaf, Teacher, John W. Harvey and T. H. Dimmitt
Directors: William Harvey present, greatest number of days - 39; John Dimmitt and Alvin Butterfield.
On Feb. 15th only George Dimmitt and Nathan Kinkade attended.

Charles Bickerdike Richard Bickerdike Robert Bickerdike William Bickerdike
Martha H. Biddle Joseph Bryant Josiah Bryant Alvin Butterfield
Henry Butterfield Moses Bryant Roger W. Butterfield Francis Dimmitt
George Dimmitt John Dimmitt Uriah Elledge Jackson Gibbs
John Goldman Newton Goldman Rhoda Goldman Ann Green
James Green Salina Green John W. Harvey Samuel Harvey
William Harvey George R. Kinkade Mary T. Kinkade Nancy M. Kinkade
Nathan Kinkade Isaac Lightle Isabelle Lightle James Lightle
John Lightle Susan Lightle Edwain Nettleton James Nettleton
Hannah Nettleton Lucius R. Osgood Lucy A. Osgood Samuel P. Osgood
Lafayette Parker Thomas Parker Joseph Shinn Edward Vaughn
Hampton Wade Richard Wade Thomas Wade