Griggsville High School 1936 - 1937

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Griggsville High School Yearbook 1937
Griggsville High School Yearbook 1937
5 1/2" x 8 1/2" Typewritten and stapled. Photos glued on typewriter paper.
No Griggsville Yearbooks were published between 1931-1937
Photo by Delaine Donaldson
Divider Line 1936 I'll Remember You Program
"I'll Remember You" - Presented by Senior Class, April 28, 1936
A comedy in three acts by James Reach
Presented by Senior Class Tuesday Evening April 28, 1936
Produced by special arrangements with Samuel French of New York
Contributed by Ann Ramage
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The locale is Clarksville, California, an average American town, and the main theme concerns Ned Rollins, who has two chief interests in life: a new species of orange, through which he hopes to make his family rich, and Nina Lorraine, the French Songbird of the Radio, which whose voice he has fallen in love. Em and Arabella, Ned's maiden aunts who are always wrangling with each other have given Ned money for carrying on his experiments with oranges. Marjoeie Parks the girl next door is in love with Ned; Charley Pearson, a high-powered real estate salesman who isn't quite the lady-killer he thinks he is, is in love with Marjorie. When Nina Lorraine visits Clarksville on a personal appearance tour, any number of complications ensue. Ned almost becomes a millionaire; his father almost loses his business; Marjorie discovers something about herself she never knew before; and Charley gets a black eye! But, in the end, Nina proves to be Ned's good angel after all, and Ned's dreams are miraculously coming true.

The Scenes
  • Act I - The Rollins living room - Late afternoon of an August day
  • Act II - The same, Ten days later - Late afternoon
  • Act III - The same, Early the next morning
Cast of Characters
  • (In order of their first appearance)
  • Ned Rollins, who is interested in oranges - Paul Jones
  • Fisher, who owns a vegetable store - Walter Wade
  • Mom Rollins, Ned's mother - Maleta Danniel
  • Marjorie Parks, who lives next door - Nina Kennedy
  • Em, Ned's maiden aunt - Nola Lackscheide
  • Arabella, Ned's maiden aunt - Harriet Clostermery
  • Charley Pearson, who boards with the Rolling - Quentin Jester
  • Rollins, Ned's father - Charles Glockler
  • Mrs. Parks, Marjorie's mother - Lois Edna Phillips
  • Nina Lorraine, the French Songbird - Leta Atwood
  • Jackson, her manager - Charles Birch
  • Brewster, of Amalgamated Growers - George Pyle
Senior Class - 1936-37
Griggsville HS Senior Class - 1936-37
Junior Class - 1936-37
Griggsville HS Junior Class - 1936-37
Sophomore Class - 1936-37
Griggsville HS Sophomore Class - 1936-37
Freshman Class - 1936-37
Griggsville HS Freshman Class - 1936-37
Faculty - 1936-37
Griggsville HS Faculty Class - 1936-37
  • Griggsville HS Faculty Class - 1936-37
  • R.J. Nichol, Supt. & Prin. - Economics Civics
  • Jeanne Trovillion - English
  • Alice Harshman - Music
  • Gilbert Lo?? - Coach, Science
  • Eloise Chumley - Biology, English, Physical Ed.
  • Mildred McKee - History, Latin
  • Phyllis Patchen - Commercial
  • Sydney Alkire - Gen. Science; Mathematics
  • Mildred Goldman - Office Secretary
Basketball Team - 1936-37
Griggsville HS Basketball Team - 1936-37
Senior Play 4 May 1937
Griggsville HS Senior Play 4 May 1937
May Fest 1936-37
Griggsville High School May Fest- 1936-37
  • Griggsville High School May Fest- 1936-37
  • May Queen - Eileen Roberts
  • Maid of Honor - Ruby Wilma Birch
  • Attendants:
  • Kathryn Cook - Geneva Hobson
  • Lillian Edmonston - Doris Gleckler
  • Charlotte Cresson - Betty Craven