Griggsville Academy

Submitted by Delaine Donaldson
[Source: The Decatur Review(Decatur, IL), January 16 1880]
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The President and Trustees of this institution announce to the public, that this school will commence on Monday, the 29th day of May next, under the care of Miss Foote, an accomplished and experienced Teacher; and that they will be prepared to receive Young Ladies, and afford them thorough instruction in the following branches: Reading, Spelling, Defining, Writing, mental and written Arithmetic, ancient and modern Geography, with the use of Maps and Globes, Grammar, History, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Watts on the Mind, Botany, Astronomy, Geometry, and Intellectual Philosophy; together with Topics from the Bible, Composition

The Spring Term will commence on the 29th of May. Application for admission may be made to Miss Foote, the Teacher, or to the subscriber. A respectable family have charge of a Boarding House, with whom the Trustees have made an arrangement for the reception of boarders. The price of board, including bed, bedding, and other furniture, is two dollars per week. Washing and ironing may be obtained in the place.

  • Tuition, per quarter, payable in advance - $5.00
  • An additional charge will be made...
  • For Drawing and Painting, per quarter - $5.00
  • For Instruction in French - $5.00
Music will be taught, as soon as sufficient encouragement shall be given; and it is intended that chemical and philosophical apparatus shall be provided for the institution, as early as practicable.

JAMES HUTCHINSON - Superintendent of Griggsville Fem. Sem.
A new and commodious house has been erected for the school. - April 6, 1837.