Grubb Hollow School - Between New Canton & Kinderhook

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Grubb Hollow School
Contributed by Billie Browning
Divider Line Fine Christmas Program Given at Grubb Hollow School
On Friday night, December 22, sixty friends, parents and patrons of the Grubb Hollow school gathered at the school house for a pot luck supper and to attend the program given by the pupils and their teacher, Mrs. Mildred Harshman.

During the intermission between the supper and the program, the guests were entertained by Charles Dowling, a former radio entertainer, and Earl Allensworth, who played the guitar and sang.

A Christmas program was then given by the pupils.

Santa Clause made his annual visit, talked with the children, distributed gifts from the tree and treated the children.

Those parents [partial list] included:
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Radefeld and family, John Pelican and family, Mr. and Mrs. L. Williams and daughter, Mrs. Ray Williams and son, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dowling and son, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Covey and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dee Allensworth and family, Mr. Bob Covey, W. H. Harshman, Mr. and Mrs. Walker and son, Mrs. Ira Walker, Chas Reardon, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gunlock and family.
Source: Contributed by Virginia Gorton Bonne [Barry Adage, 27 Dec 1933]