Horton School

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Esther McCallister
Esther McCallister - Billie Browning's 8th grade teacher
Written & Contributed by Billie Browning
Divider Line Those one-room schools
Are gone today
No longer is there need
We bus the kids to the city
To teach them how to read

Some of us remember
The teacher that we had
Who would straighten out a student
When they acted really bad

The flag stood oh so proudly
In the front corner of the room
Each morning we would say the pledge
Maybe even sing a tune

My teacher was Miss Esther
There near Horton Creek
Who loved the game of soft ball
Which we played most every week

Mildred was the pitcher
I think I played 3rd base
Kenny would hit the home runs
And around the base he raced

Bobbie was the catcher
Mary Jo was our short stop
There were others on the team
But due to time… I have forgot

To get to our ball diamond
We had to climb a fence
Miss Esther had a problem
Cause she always wore a dress

The fence was made of barb-wire
It sometimes snagged some "cloth"
I can still picture Miss Esther
As she danced back and forth to cross

Miss Esther loved the outdoors
She'd take us for a walk
Up to the bluffs, or to the creek
And would give a nature talk

As I pass, that old school place
My thoughts go back a ways
Three R's and all the fun we had
With Miss Esther and those days