Kennedy School District 155

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Kennedy School 1900
Kennedy School - Year 1900 - Contributed by Carmen Megehe
Divider Line These two 1900 and 1909 school photos are both from the Kennedy School Dist #155, now in the Hull bottoms, but used to be Cincinnati township.

When they dug the levy it divided the townships. In the 1900 photo above, the little boy in the front in the sailor suit is Omer Megehe.

In the 1909 photo below, seated second over in the front row from the teacher, is again, Omer Megehe.

In the back row, 3rd from the left is Mable Fitzgerald, 5th from left is Hazel Fitzgerald, and front row 3rd from left is Earl Fitzgerald.

In the 1900 Photo the teacher was Eva L. Ross.

In Jan. 1902 she married Charles A. Walsh of Kinderhook, Ill. Her name was pronounce the Scottish way with a long "e". She was known as Ev.
Source: [Information from Wendall Walsh a grandson of Ms. Ross] Divider Line Kennedy School 1909
Kennedy School - Year 1900 - Contributed by Carmen Megehe