Mounds School - 1903

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Mounds School 1903
Mounds School, 30 October 1903
Contributed by Janet Hinch
The order of names was provided to us by Virginia Gorton Bonne
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This is the entire enrollment of Mound School in 1903. They all sat at separate desks but in the single school room. When the teacher held a class she called those in the class to come up front and sit side by side in a single row of chairs.

L-R Bottom: Charlie Hart, Earl Myers, Ellis "Bill" Myers, Roy Hancock, Hershall Hart, Helen Jones, Pearl Myers and Dorothy Wike.

Second Row: Harry Myers, Charles Wike, Glen Hart, Pearl Bowman (William and Louise Dolbears' mother), Harry Johnson, Mable Jones, Lewis Hart. Last boy's name is unknown. Right above him is Alta Shewhart. Right above her and to her right is Warren Myers.

Third Row: Anna Hart, Floyd Bowman who years later bought the old Doug Myers homestead, Zula Hart, Clarence "Fat" Myers, Leta Myers, George Myers' daughter, later Joe Oitker's mother. Last is Warren Myers.

Top Row: Florence Likes, Louis "Mart" Myers, unnamed sister of teacher, Mamie Carr, the teacher, Iva Johnson, next is another sister of the teacher visiting the school that day. Last is Ella Shehart, Alta's sister.