Nebo Schools

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Contributed by Kathy Robinson
Researched and written by Norma Hubbard
Article found at the Harmon House Museum - Pleasant Hill
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Sooner or later in most of our lives there comes a time when we wish we had asked for the answers we are seeking before all are gone who would be able to tell us. To me it is surprising how few records of the schools have been saved. It is time we put together all the information we have and make a record so those who follow us will not have to wonder.

Before the present school building, which was completed in 1917, there was a two-story white building which was for grades 1 through 8. There was no electricity and no plumbing. The pump for drinking water was located a little south of the entrance to the school. On the north side of the entrance there was a coal shed. The children played ball out in the street in front of the school. To the east or rear of the school were the boys' and girls' restrooms, girls on the south side and boys on the north side.

Blanche Kindle said she attended grade school there but finished grade school in the new building. Mrs. Sybil Sitton Killebrew, who now lives in Pittsfield, told me she took grades 1 through 7 in the old school and the eighth grade and three years' high school in the new building, graduating in 1921.

Before the present building, the high school was located on Main Street. I was told the building belonged to Leo Peck. This was a two story building located just across the alley from where the W. C. Franklin Hardware Store used to be. The school was on the second floor. I was told there was a general store on the first floor. In later years E. E. Allison operated a general store there. After that Homer Boren had a meat market and grocery there. I was never able to find out when this high school was started but it continued until the new school was built.

Some people who attended high school there were: Eleanor Dinsmore, Ruth Stevens, Virginia Dinsmore, Jimmie Gheen, Kenneth Grimes, Roxie Bunn and many others too numerous to mention. Kenneth Grimes went there for two years at the new high school, graduating in 1920.

The first two years after the school was built it was a four year school again until 1927.

There was no gymnasium until around 1926. At that time H. C. McCarrol was principal. Before that, practice and games were held in the school yard east of the building. This was probably one of the reasons the school was not accredited.

When the gym was built, the auditorium was built above it. The stage was also built at this time. The whole community was proud of this beautiful new gym. About halfway along the south wall was the Crows Nest where the scorekeeper and other officials sat. They had to climb a ladder to reach it. Along the opposite wall was a balcony just as high up as the Crows Nest. I have seen the balcony filled to capacity and many standing under it.

At first we did not think about the gym being small, but as time went on we realized there wasn't enough room for the spectators, and the players were really hampered by lack of space, so in 1938 the new gym was built.

Time changes everything, and so it was decided that in 1955 Nebo High School would close forever, and the students were transported to Pittsfield. In May of 1984 the grade school was also closed forever.

The Nebo Community Club bought the building in 1985. In 1992 the school building was razed, leaving the gym. A new Community Building was erected on the site, with an enclosed access to the gym.

Unless we continue to tell the history of Nebo School, some day no one will remember that there was a Nebo School.