Last Day of School at Oakland

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5 May 1920, Nebo Banner -- Contributed by Virginia Gorton Bonne
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Saturday, May 1st was the closing day of Oakland School. About ten o'clock the crown began to gather and before noon there was a large crowd coming from all directions with large baskets filled with all kinds of good tings to eat. If you don't think so ask some of the directors who were there. Some said they weren't able to work in the afternoon. Games were played, pictures were taken and a good time was enjoyed by all.

The pupils of this school are:
Velma Harpole
Ida Barton
Dan Galloway
Hallie Barton
Russell Shelton
Myorta Richards
Edna Richards
Veda Barton
Glenn Shelton
Merlyn Barton
Ethel Sutton
Jake Shelton
Virgil Barton
Kenneth Harpole
Perfect attendance during the year - Ida Barton and Dan Galloway.
Highest grade 7th year - Velma Harpole
Highest grade in 6th year - Ida Barton
Highest grade in 3rd year - Jake Shelton
Teacher - Alice M. Freeman