Perry High School

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Pearl School
Seventeenth Annual Commencement May 9, 1902
Contributed by Sandi Donaldson
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Winifred Belle Smith
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Perry Recital May 2, 1902
Contributed by Delaine Donaldson
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Perry School Under Fire
District Is Attacked In A Court Suit
Barry Adage. Wed, 15 Nov 1922
Contributed by Virginia Gorton Bonne

Perry Ore and Maro Johnson of Perry as relaters have filed a petition in quo warranto in the circuit court attacking the validity of the organization of the Community High school district at Perry. The defendants are Fred Bergman, G. V. Griggs, John Johnson, G. A. Dixon, and J. E. Seybold the members of the board of education.

The petition alleges that the district is abnormal in size, that parts of it are inaccessible to the school which is maintained at Perry, that pupils are prevented from attending the school by reason of the distance they have to travel and the condition of the roads.