Pittsfield High School - 1950 - 1951

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1950-51 Saukees
1950-51 Saukees
(Information contributed by Pat Ruble)
Here are the 1950-51 Saukees, Coached by Glenn Smith, the squad has turned in a fine record of 14 victories against eight defeats this season. The Saukees finished their regular season play Friday night with a 51-44 victory over Pleasant Hill. The reserve squad, also included in this picture, is coached by Melvin Kuethe.
First row, left to right: Roger McCulloch, Bill Blake, Everett Roberts, C.W. Losch, Dick Lacy, Bill Parks, John Petty, Don Dell
Second row: Jim Harmison, Jerry Crawford, Donnie Hillman, Richard Hall, Richard Ruble, Ronald Harpole, John Metternich, Marion Yokem
Top Row: David Plattner, Don Pursley, Charles Lowry, Ed Shelton, John Swearingen, Dickie Billings, Jim Sidwell. Divider Line Hail Best Wishes
Hail Best Wishes - 1950-51 Saukees
(Information contributed by Pat Ruble)
Hail Best Wishes
Left to right: Jack Williams, Bob Dell, Tip Collver, Bob Sidwell, Bob Voshall and Bob Niebur.
Top right: Richard Zimmerman, below right. Not shown Richard Lacy, Charles Huntley.
Congratulations to Coach Glenn Smith and his varsity Squad on winning the regionals. With best wishes for success at the sectional meet. Congratulations to coach Carroll Lowe and reserve squad for an undefeated season.